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How to calculate Area of a Sector?

According to the formula for the calculations of the Area of a sector, it requires area of the angle(Θ) and length of the radius(r).

Example :

Find the area of the sector of a circle with radius 6cm and angle is 30°.Find the area of a sector?

Solution :


Radius = r = 6 cm

Angle = θ = 30°

Formula :

$$\text{Area of a sector}\;=\;\frac{θ}{360}\;*\;πr^2$$

$$\text{Area of a sector}\;=\;\frac{30}{360}\;*\;3.14\;*\;6^2$$

$$\text{Area of a sector}\;=\;\frac{1}{12}\;*\;3.14\;*\;36$$

$$\text{Area of a sector}\;=\;\frac{113.04}{12}$$

$$\text{Area of a sector}\;=\;9.42\;cm^2$$