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How to use Area of Rectangle calculator?

For the calculations of the area of rectangle, you should have the length(l) and Width(w).

Formula :


Example-1 :

Assume an agrarian who wants to sell a section of land having a rectangular shape. Because he rears livestock he did not want them to roam freely, so to keep them confined, he fenced that land and therefore, knows the exact measurement about the length and width of each side.

The farmer is unfamiliar with the SI units, yet, he measures his plot of land in terms of feet. A feet is equal to 0.3048 meters. The plot’s length is 240 feet, and width is 110 feet. Using this data:

$$A = 240 × 110 = 26400 ft2.$$

Now, to convert square feet to square meters (1 ft2. = 0.0929 m2) = 26400*0.0929 = 2452.64 m2
This value of 2452.64 equates to about 0.6 of an acre. (1m2 = 0.000247 acre).