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Understand the Volume of a Cylinder Formula & Calculate the Volume of a Cylinder with Examples


In this article, you will learn what is the volume of a cylinder and how to find volume of cylinder by using formula.

What is the Volume of a cylinder?

A cylinder is a 3D shape with a flat and curved surface. The volume of a cylinder is the measure of the cylinder to occupy space in it. It measures the capacity of a cylinder to occupy space.

In geometry, there are many different 2D and 3D shapes. These shapes' volume becomes necessary when solving their related problems.

Cylindrical Volume Formula

Since a cylinder contains two surfaces, circular and flat. The volume of the cylinder formula is the product of its base area and the height. Therefore, the formula to find the volume of a cylinder is:

volume of cylinder formula

volume of cylinder formula


How to Find Volume of Cylinder with Formula?


It is easy to calculate the volume of a cylinder by using the cylinder volume equation. But here, we provide you with an easy and fast way to find the volume of any cylindrical shape. You can use the following steps.

  • Measure the length of the curved surface of the cylinder.
  • Measure the radius of the flat shape and calculate the base area.
  • Substitute the values of base area and height in the volume formula.
  • Multiply the base area with the height to get volume.

Examples of Cylindrical Volume Formula

To understand the concept of formula to find the volume of a cylinder, let's take a view of solved examples to learn the concept of cylinder volume equation with steps.




volume of cylinder formula example


volume of cylinder formula example


Related Formulas


The formula of the volume of a sphere depends on the radius of the sphere which is given by:

The volume of a cuboid is the measure of capacity to occupy space. It is,

The cone is a pyramid with a circular cross-section area. The cone volume formula to find the volume of that cross section body is:


What is the Formula for Cylinder Volume?

The formula of cylinders volume is:

  1. Volume of a Sphere Formula
  2. $$ \text{Volume of a sphere} \;=\; \frac{4}{3}r^3 $$
  3. Volume of a Cuboid Formula
  4. $$ V \;=\; l×w×h $$
  5. Cone Volume Formula
  6. $$ V \;=\; πr^2×h $$

    r is the radius of the flat bottom surface.
    h is the height of a circular surface.

    Is the Volume of a Cylinder Squared?

    The volume of a cylinder is the product of base area and the height of curved surface. When both are multiplied, the square of cm appears.

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