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Our Team

Sam Abbott
Didactic Program in Dietetics (University of Alabama)

PCOS got you down? Sam Abbott's your warrior of nutrition. Armed with a University of Alabama magic potion, she crafts personalized plans to tame PCOS symptoms, boost fertility, and make healthy eating a breeze.

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Ph.D Biological Sciences (Stanford University)

Passion for health meets science whiz in Sara Taylor. This Ph.D.-wielding dietician and trainer empowers people to thrive, from clinic expertise to personalized diets. She even led a sports NGO for 5 years!

Olivia Parker
Olivia Parker
Civil Engineer (Coventry University)

Building bridges and breaking barriers, Olivia Parker's the queen of civil engineering. From Coventry University to your local skyscraper, her adaptable skills and passion for sustainability leave a lasting impact.

Shaun Murphy
Shaun Murphy
Mechanical Engineering (Coventry University)

Dr. Shaun Murphy, a Mechanical Engineering wiz from Coventry University, tackles cool stuff like robotics, aerospace, and biomechanics. With hands-on experience across industries, he's your go-to problem solver for smart solutions.

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Master's in Accounting (Imperial College of Business)

Money maestro Emma Robert orchestrates financial symphonies. Budget woes? Future forecasts? Risk nightmares? Emma tackles them all with meticulous accuracy and a keen eye for detail. Trust her – your finances will sing.

Numan Baig
BS Computer Sciences

Coding wiz, Numan Baig conquers computer science puzzles with his braintrust of programming languages, software smarts, and system savvy. He's a standout on any tech team.