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Batting Average Calculator


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The batting average calculator helps you understand how good a cricket batsman is at scoring runs in their matches. It calculates the average number of runs a player scores before getting out. This helps cricket teams and fans assess a player's performance and consistency.

Understanding Batting Average in Cricket:

In Cricket,

“The Batting Average is a standard measure that is used to compare the difference between the players and their performances”. 

The batting average is a bit like a player's report card. Cricket teams pay a lot of attention to the batting averages. It helps them understand how reliable a batsman is and how skilled they are at making runs for the team.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

There are different range of average numbers that represents the player’s performance capability such as:

  • A batting average below 20: The player is struggling.
  • 20-30: Average performance.
  • 30-40: Good batting average.
  • 40-50: Excellent batting average.
  • Above 50: Exceptional, elite performance.

The Batting Average Expressions:

Here is the equation for calculating batting average which includes:

Batting Average = Number of Runs Scored / Number of Times Out


Batting Average  =  (Total Number of runs scored by the batsman)  /  (Number of times he/she has got a chance to bat in the matches he/she has played (or)  No. of innings played - No. of times remained not out).

The Batting Average in Baseball:

In baseball, the batting average shows how often a baseball player gets hits when they are at bat, helping to measure their batting skill in the game. A higher batting average means they are more reliable hitters.

Batting Average Expressions - Baseball:

Here is the formula for calculating baseball batting average: 

Batting average = (Total number of hits divided by total number of at-bats) x 100.

The batting average is usually expressed as a decimal, for example, .350, and also expressed as a percentage, for example, 35%. If you want to save your time and don't want to indulge in manual calculations, you can use a baseball batting average calculator for this.

Batting Average Calculations and Examples:

If you are confused about how to calculate batting average, you simply divide the total runs they have scored by how many times they have been gotten out in their matches. This gives you their average score per time they get out.

Example 1- Cricket:

let's calculate a cricket player's batting average using the batting average formula, which tells how is batting average calculated:

Batting Average = Number of Runs Scored / Number of Times Out,

Imagine Joe, an aspiring cricketer who has scored a total of 600 runs in his matches and has been dismissed (out) 12 times.

Step 1: We have our data.

Number of Runs Scored (R): 600 runs
Number of Times Out (O): 12 times

Step 2: Now, we use the formula to find Joe’s batting average:

Batting Average = Number of Runs Scored / Number of Times Out
Batting Average = 600 runs / 12 times
Batting Average = 50 runs per dismissal

So, Joe’s batting average is 50 runs. This means, on average, he scores 50 runs before getting out in his matches, indicating that he is a consistent and skilled batter.

Example 2 - Baseball:

let's calculate a baseball player's batting average using the following formula: 

Batting Average (Baseball) = Hits / No. of Times at Bats, you can also use a baseball average calculator for this.

Imagine a baseball player named Sarah who has had 80 hits in her games and has been at bat 240 times.

Step 1: We have our data.

Hits (H): 80 hits
Times at Bats (AB): 240 times

Step 2: Now, we use the formula to find Sarah’s batting average:

Batting Average (Baseball) = Hits / Times at Bats
Batting Average (Baseball) = 80 hits / 240 times
Batting Average (Baseball) = 0.3333 (rounded to four decimal places)

So, Sarah’s baseball batting average is approximately 0.3333. In baseball, this means she hits the ball successfully about 33.33% of the time when she's at-bat, which is considered a good batting average in the sport.

Steps to Use Batting Average Calculator:

if you are not a cricket/baseball expert and need an easy way to figure out batting averages? That's where the batting average calculator steps in. It makes those complex batting stats as simple as a walk in the park.

You just need to enter some information to get instant results here’s how:

What to do:

  • Select the parameter you want to calculate
  • Enter the values into their particular fields
  • Press the Calculate button

What you get:

  • The Batting Average Score
  • Related parameters to player’s performance


What is the difference between batting average and strike rate?

The strike rate of a batsman tells you how quickly can a batsman score. Whereas, the batting average indicates how consistently a batsman performs. You can also check yours from the batting average calculator.

What is the highest batting average in cricket history ever?

In Test cricket, Australia's Sir Donald Bradman holds the highest batting average with 99.94. This is remarkable that a career batting average of more than 50 is considered exceptional, where only four other players have averages that exceed 60.

What is a good batting average in softball?

A good batting average in softball is usually around .300 or 30%. It means a player gets a hit about 30% of the time they are at bat, which is considered solid performance.

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