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Deadline Calculator


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There is a huge pressure on the professional to finish the assigned task within the given timeframe. Here our deadline calculator comes in, which assists legal professionals in filing legal documents on time. 

This helps them manage and meet crucial deadlines associated with legal proceedings so that they can avoid getting penalties. Our tool automatically corrects the deadlines if they happen to fall on Saturdays, Sundays, or federal holidays!

How to use our legal deadline calculator?

  • First of all, choose the Start Date of your deadline and the period counted in Days, Weeks, or Years in the given section
  • Next, enter the Time frame to complete your assigned task in days/weeks/years 
  • Then, choose either Before or After to indicate whether you want to calculate days moving forward or backward from the reference date
  • Finally, hit the Calculate button
  • Our deadline calculator will instantly display the exact day of your legal deadline

How do I calculate the deadlines?

You can calculate deadlines easily by using the deadline calculator provided by Calculatored. In case of manual calculation, you can use the formulas we provided below:

Deadline formula - After:

  • Deadline = Start date + Days


  • If the deadline happens to fall on a Saturday, give yourself an extra two days (+2), and your new deadline will be on a Monday.
  • If the deadline falls on a Sunday, add just one more day (+1), and your adjusted deadline will also be on a Monday.
  • If the deadline is on a federal/state holiday, so add one more day (+1).

Deadline formula - Before:

  • Deadline = Start date - Days


  • If the deadline falls on a Saturday, subtract one day (-1) and set your corrected deadline for the previous Friday.
  • If the deadline falls on a Sunday, subtract two days (-2) and consider your corrected deadline on Friday.
  • For federal or state holidays, subtract one day (-1) from the deadline.

Deadline calendar - a list of federal holidays:

Holiday Fixed Date Changing Date
New Year's Eve December 31  
Independence Day July 4  
Veteran's Day November 11  
Christmas Day December 25  
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   3rd Monday of January
President's Day   3rd Monday of February
Memorial Day   Last Monday of May
Labor Day   1st Monday of September
Columbus Day   2nd Monday of October
Thanksgiving Day   4th Thursday of November

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