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Split Bill Calculator


Split bill calculator helps you divide the expenses or costs evenly among a group of people with accuracy. It quickly calculates how much each person needs to pay after a group activity, meal, or shared expense.

What is Split Bill?

“Split billing means breaking down a bill for a service or activity into two or more parts fairly.”

For instance:

When friends gather for a meal or activity, instead of one person covering all expenses, the costs are shared among everyone based on what they enjoyed or used. It's fair and makes it easier for everyone to settle their shared expenses.

Split Bill Formula:

$$ \(\text {Split Bill} = \frac {\text{Total Bill Amount}}{\text{Number of people in your group}}\) $$

This formula calculates the split bill amount by dividing the total bill by the Number of people in the group.

How Do You Calculate the Split Bill? - Example:

Let's say you went to a restaurant with three of your friends, and the total bill came to $100. How do you split this total bill among 4 friends? 

Given Values:

  • Total Bill Amount = $100
  • How Many Friends in the Group = 4

Add these values into the given formula:

Split Bill = $100 / 4 = $25

So, each person's share of the split bill amount for the meal would be $25. That's what each friend needs to pay to cover their part of the bill.

How to Use this Calculator?

  • First, enter the amount of the “Total Bill” and the “Number of people in your group”
  • Click Calculate
  • This split bill calculator shows how much amount each person has to pay, and also shows its math!