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Words per Minute Calculator

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The amount of time being carried out for reading or speaking a particular set of words can be easily determined with the help of words per minute calculator. This can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a reader and speaker.

What does WPM mean?

“The rate at which a person reads or speaks is called WPM.

How Fast Should I Speech?

Speech rate actually the speed at which you can speak. You need to determine the speaking speed to know how long your presentation takes. It is determined by the number of words that are spoken in a minute. 

Speech Rate:

  • Slow less than 110 wpm
  • Average between 130 wpm to 140wpm 
  • Fast more than 160 wpm 
  • Podcasters speed of speaking about 140 to 160 
  • Commentators speak between 250 to 350 wpm 

Average Oral Speed:

A normal person can speak 130 words of English within a minute. It depends on whether you speak slowly or quickly. Our initiative words per minute calculator determines the average reading and speaking speed of any individual.

Speaking words per minute can be deduced by dividing the total word count by 130.

Speaking Time = Total Word Count / 130

How Fast should I Read?

A person who takes time to read a piece of text is known as reading speed. The same principle as your speaking speed applies to your reading speed. 

Reading Rate:

  • Slow less than 170 wpm
  • Average between 180 wpm to 200 wpm 
  • Fast more than 230 wpm 

Average Reading Speed:

The average words per minute speed depends on various factors like education, purpose of reading, materials difficulty, and your level of comprehension. In general, the average speed for the English language that allows you to read efficiently is about 200-250 words per minute.  

Reading Time Formula = No of Words / 200

How our WPM Calculator Function?

The measure of a person's reading and speaking speed within a minute can be tracked easily by our words per minute calculator. To determine quickly how much you fluently speak and read insert the below values and get instant calculations:

Input Values:

  • Put the values for Speaking and Reading
  • Insert the number of Words or Paragraphs


  • Speaking speed with respect to seconds, minutes, hours, and days 
  • Reading speed with respect to seconds, minutes, hours, and days 

How Many Words is a 5-Minute Speech?

In order to enhance the word rate, it's essential to strike a balance between conveying the intended message clearly and audience engagement. 

An individual person voices about at the rate of 130 words per minute but the speech will vary depending on the speaker’s speaking pace, audience attention span, and the type of speech. Let’s take a look at the calculations that you need to make:

1 minute = 130 Words 

5 minute = 130 x 5 

650 words of speech 


How Much Time is Required to Read 1,000 Words?

As we know from the words per minute speech calculator, an individual can read about 200 words per minute. So by substituting the values in the formula, we can get:

1000/200 = 5

So, we evaluate that any individual can take about 5 minutes to read 1,000 words.

How Much Time do you Need to Speak 5,000 Words?

As we know the reading comprehension of a common person hence, we see how long five thousand words can be spoken. 

5000 / 130 = 38.47

So, manually it is determined that any individual can take about 38 minutes and 47 seconds to speak 1,000 words.


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