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Army Body Fat Calculator


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Maintaining a healthy body fat percentage is crucial for military readiness and overall health. 

Our Army body fat calculator helps determine the body fat percentage of U.S. Army members, ensuring that they meet the established standards for physical fitness required for military service.

How does the Army measure body fat?

The U.S. Army primarily uses the U.S. Army Tape Test, also known as the Taping method, to estimate body fat percentage (%BF). As per US Army Regulation, the tape must be made of a non-stretchable material, preferably fiberglass. Ensure all circumference measurements are taken horizontally. 

  • Height – Measure the height while standing straight without shoes.
  • Neck Circumference – Measure the circumference of the neck just below the larynx (Adam's apple), perpendicular to the neck.
  • Waist Circumference – Measured it at the navel level (belly button) for men, and around the narrowest part of the abdomen for women.
  • Hips Circumference (for females only) – Measure it at around the widest part of the buttocks or hip bone.

What's the formula behind the U.S. Army body fat calculator?

When it comes to assessing physical fitness, the U.S. Army uses specific formulas to estimate body fat percentage. These formulas are described in the Army Body Composition Program

For Men:

  • %BF = (86.010 * log10( waist – neck ) ) – [70.041 * log10(height)) + 36.76

 For Women:

  • %BF = (163.205 * log10( waist + hip – neck ) ) – (97.684 * log10(height)) – 78.387

Keep in mind that, all the formulas provided are designed to work with imperial units. 

The US Army body fat standards:

The U.S. military has specific body fat percentage standards outlined in the Army Regulation 600-9. These standards vary based on age and gender, with different maximum allowable body fat percentages for joining the Army and for maintaining standards after entry. 

Maximum Allowable Body Fat Percentage to Join:

Age Group Male Female
17-20 24% 30%
21-27 26% 32%
28-39 28% 34%
40 and over 30% 36%

Maximum Body Fat Percentage Standard after Entry:

Age Group Male Female
17-20 20% 30%
21-27 22% 32%
28-39 24% 34%
40 and over 26% 36%

How often are soldiers required to take the body fat percentage test in the army?

Soldiers in the Army are required to undergo body fat percentage tests periodically. After meeting the initial qualifications, a person's body fat will be measured periodically, typically about once every six months during physical fitness tests. The frequency of these tests is essential for maintaining optimal health and fitness levels and can easily be calculated by using the Army body fat calculator provided by Calculatored.

What are the consequences of failing the body fat percentage test in the army?

The consequences of failing the body fat percentage test in the Army can be severe. Soldiers who exceed the body fat standards can be barred from promotion, not allowed to attend professional military schools, and may be barred from leadership positions.

They can also be separated from the service, which can lead to loss of benefits and income. Additionally, soldiers who fail the body fat test may be enrolled in the Army Body Composition Program, which can lead to further restrictions and limitations on their military career.


All the information given in this Army body fat calculator and its associated guidelines are specific to the US Army standards and may not be applicable universally to all individuals. It serves as a general estimation and should not be considered as a medical advice. 

The provided formulas and percentages are for education purposes only and are not as accurate as some other body fat measurement methods, such as DEXA scans or bioelectrical impedance analysis. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional or a certified fitness expert for personalized advice on health, fitness, and body composition.

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