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Age Calculator

What Is Your Date Of Birth?


Our Age Calculator is the best stuff out there in case you need to gauge the age. It determines the age of anything or anyone with fractional precision.

You can measure the age of your cat, your computer and yourself. The need for such tool is evident when people realize they can’t manually calculate their age past the standard of years or hardly, months.

Beyond that, the computation just gets extremely complex for a human mind to handle and that’s what we can get on our own. A rough estimate at best. On top of that, as the complexity of calculation increases, so does the potential for human error which is why we have developed this calculator for you. This little baby would compute the age accurately up to seconds.

Practical applications

Consider this, you apply to a college that requires you to do some paperwork and somewhere along those fill ups, you have to write your age with fractional accuracy including the number of seconds, minutes and hours in addition to months and years. May sound crazy but you get the idea: unlikely yet possible hypothetical situations.

Not impressed? How about calculations involving the half life of an element in case you work in a high-tech chemistry lab. This is where the requirement for fractionally accurate ages becomes likely possibilities.

And from the word "ages" we want to relate to BAC calculator. As ages really matters and it really effect body health also. BAC calculator is used to know about the blood alcohol level. So you should take care of your blood alcohol level according to your age.

Did we mention how fast this tool is. And there’s a reason why! Estimating the ages of stuff like half-life of a particular element all the way from the date and time from where you want to measure it, to the current day and time shouldn’t take time. Because each minute that gets wasted calculating the age, is adding to the actual age, making slow calculations inaccurate.

This is why our age calculator is fast and would take less than 3 seconds to give you the result and that too, accurate to the bone.

How to use it

We took the liberty of first mentioning that our tool is free to use and does not necessarily require you to register or subscribe to our site to be able to use it. This calculator has solely been developed as a free service.

There are other approaches out there as well that you can employ to calculate age with decent precision for instance, the MS Excel’s TODAY and DATEDIF functions and the typescript programming language both inclusive and exclusive of MomentJS library.

Don’t get too excited just yet, these two approaches require certain level of technical expertise in the respective fields of MS EXCEL and use of its formulas and Programming skills for typescript. Put it simply, they’re just fancy ways of manually calculating ages and retain similar margins for errors.

Our tool on the other hand, stands out for its friendly user interface and simplicity of use. We doubt you’d find the combination anywhere else.

That said, let’s now delve in and explore the actual process. All that you have to do to use it is follow the simple steps stated below and get a precise answer.

  • Enter The Date Of Birth Of A Person Or Inception Date Of An Object With Day, Month And Year. This Approach Is For A Generalized Age Calculation.
  • For Total Accuracy, Enter The Precise Time Of Inception Of An Object Or The Time Of A Person’s Birthday. 
  • Finally, Press, ‘Calculate’ And Voila! You’d Have The Answer, In Literally Less Than 3 Seconds

The calculated answer would outline the person’s or object's age separately in seconds, minutes, hours, days and months + years.

You’d be able to determine how many years and months old you are, or how many days or hours or even minutes + seconds.

Before going to the example we would like to advise that you should take of your health as researchers say that a good health takes you to a good life. So whether you are in your 50's or 20's make a chart for your daily health life by using macro calculator and RMR calculator for checking your resting metabolic rate.

For example, suppose that a person was born on the 30th of May 1997 at 2:45 AM.

Entering these inputs and computing the age, we get the results that are shown below which were calculated on 06 November, 2019 at 6:20 PM.


22 years, 5 months and 7 days


269 months 7 days


8195 Days


196682 Hours 35 Minutes 23 Seconds


11800955 Minutes


708057323 Seconds

Our article is best for people who are eager to learn !! calculatored provides hundreads of free tools such as ovulation calculator and due date calculator.

Please provide your valuable feedback below . Cheers!!

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