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Efficiency Calculator


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The efficiency calculator calculates the efficiency of a system or electrical instruments by the productivity of their energy input values. Our calculator allows you to enter the total energy input and the total output values ​​in multiple units.

What Is Efficiency of a System (η)

"The ratio of output power to the total input power of a system is known as efficiency"

It refers to the peak level of performance.

The efficiency is always expressed in percentage. It decreases with the passage of time due to entropy. Efficiency is the measure of how well a system converts energy from one form to another. 

For Example:

In the case of a light bulb, the efficiency is the ratio of light energy emitted to the total electrical energy consumed by the bulb. 

Steps To Use Efficiency Calculator:

Efficiency calculation is a straightforward process with the help of an efficiency calculator. This handy-to-use tool provides you with a quick response to assess the effectiveness of a system or process.

Required Data:

  • Select the option that you want to calculate
  • Enter the values ​​according to your selection
  • Set the units for values

Results Summary:

  • Efficiency

Efficiency Formula:

The efficiency calculator allows us to know the decrease in efficiency of a motor, machine, or electrical instrument. You can use it to determine the proportions of heat energy, electric power, mechanical work, or even chemical energy. There are simple steps to figure out the efficiency of a system;

  • Divide the output energy by the input energy
  • Multiply the obtained value by 100 to get the efficiency value.

$$ η = \dfrac{E_{out}}{E_{in}} * 100% $$

Output: The energy remaining for work after factoring in losses.
Input: Total amount of energy that is supplied to a system. 

How To Calculate Efficiency?

Calculating efficiency is a way to evaluate how effectively a system or machine converts input resources into valuable output. By using our reliable efficiency calculator, you can streamline the process by making it easier for various systems. 


Suppose, a heat engine takes 2190 J of energy to operate the system that produces 530 J of heat energy as useful work. How to find efficiency?


Given Values:

  • Input Energy = 2190 J
  • Output Energy = 530 J

Formula For Efficiency = output / input x 100

η = 530 / 2190 x 100

η = 24.201%

Additional Queries:

How Much Efficiency Is Considered To Be Optimal?

Efficiency is considered optimal when the ratio is 50% or lower.

How Does Entropy Affect Efficiency?

The difference between the heat absorbed and the waste heat expelled is the work produced by the engine. To enhance engine efficiency, it's advisable to minimize entropy production during the process.

Is It Possible To Have 100% Efficiency?

No, a machine cannot be 100 percent efficient because the machine's output is consistently lower than the input.


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