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Force Calculator


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Our online net force calculator lets you know about Newton's laws of motion and explains all aspects of the force. F=ma calculator allows you to put the total mass of the object to determine the force acting on the object due to gravity. You can calculate the unknown variable by the equation of force. 

What Is The Force?

Force is marked as a push or a pull that causes an object to move. It also causes changes in the velocity of a moving object.

Force is a vector quantity that has both magnitude and direction. 

Force Formula:

Force can be marked as a push or a pull that causes an object to move. This rate of change in velocity is marked as acceleration. The formula that is used by the pushing force calculator can be written as:

Force = mass x acceleration


The SI unit of force is Newton (N), other Newtons units that are used are as follows:

  • dyne (dyn)
  • Kilogram-force (kgf)
  • Newton (N)
  • Kilonewton (kN)
  • Kilopound (Kip)
  • Pound-force (lbf)
  • Ounce-force (ozf)
  • Poundal (pdl)

The above-given force equation shows that it is directly proportional to the mass and the rate of change of velocity. 

How To Calculate Force?

Force happens when two entities are in contact. When force applies there is a certain change in the position. To make your concept clarify take a quick look at the example below:

Suppose that a ball with a mass of 2 kg is moving with an acceleration of 6m/s^2. Find how much force is acting on it. 

Mass of ball = 2kg

The rate of change of velocity = 6m/s^2 

The equation for force is:


F = 2 * 6 

F = 12N

Find Acceleration:

Suppose a force of 8N is acting on the ball with a mass of 2kg find the acceleration that is produced by the acting of force. 

Force = mass x acceleration

a = F/m

a = 8/2 = 4ms^-2

Find Mass:

Suppose that a force of 8 newtons is applied on the body that has changed its speed to 4m/s^2. Find the mass of that body. 

Force = ma 

m = F/a

m = 8/4 = 2kg

Working of Force Calculator:

You can make your calculation fast and accurate with the help of the net force formula calculator. Connect to the following points.  


  • Put the value of the mass 
  • Enter the value of the acceleration
  • Tap “calculate”


Our magnitude of force calculator will give you the following answer:

  • Complete step-by-step solution for force 

Force And Newton's Law Of Motion:

There are three laws of motion that state the moving objects. The laws of Newton relate to the moving object that relates to the force acting on it. 

Newton's First Law:

The first law of Newton is stated as an object will not change its motion or it remains at rest until a force acts on it. 

Newton’s Second Law:

Newton's second law of motion defines the force. The second law of Newton is stated as the force is directly proportional to the mass and the rate of change of velocity. Computing the force with the help of Newton's second law equation. Newton's formula is;

Force = ma. 

Newton’s Third Law:

It is stated as every action is equal but in the opposite reaction. When the ball hits the ground it bounces back. Hitting on the ground is the action and bouncing back is the opposite reaction. 

Types of Force:

There are several types of force that are given below:

  • Applied Force 
  • Gravitational Force 
  • Normal Force 
  • Frictional Force 
  • Centrifugal Force 
  • Electrostatic Force 
  • Magnetic Force 
  • Air resistance Force 
  • Tension Force 
  • Spring Force 


How Do You Define Newton Units?

Newton is the SI unit of the force which is equal to 1kg.m/s^2. We can define this as “the force that is needed to accelerate the one kilogram is equal to one meter per second square in the direction of applied force.”

How To Find Acceleration With Mass And Force?

As we know that F = ma. So with the help of this formula, we can compute the acceleration such as 

F = ma

a = F/m

What Is The Net Force?

The vector sum of all forces that are placed on an object is the net force. It is used to accelerate the mass. When there is a significant number of forces acting on a body then net force takes into account. 

How To Find Net Force?

The net force is calculated with the second law of Newton which is indicated as F = ma. Where F is the net force in the net force formula. 


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