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Force Calculator


What is Force?

Force is a vector quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Force can be marked as a push or a pull that causes an object to move. It also causes changes in the velocity of a moving object.

The Force is a very significant phenomenon of nature as without force nothing can be moved. The most commonly used unit of force is known as Newton (N).

What is Acceleration?

Force causes an object to move from its place. Force not only pushes or pulls an object but also changes its speed/velocity. Such a change in the velocity of a moving object is marked as acceleration. The basic unit of acceleration is m/s2.

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How Force is represented?

Newton (N) is used to represent the Force. Hence, we can say that N is the most commonly used unit of force. There are many other units of force as well.

Units of Force

  • dyne (dyn)
  • Kilogram-force (kgf)
  • Newton (N)
  • Kilonewton (kN)
  • Kip (kip)
  • Pound-force (lbf)
  • Ounce-force (ozf)
  • Poundal (pdl)

Force Formula

The force formula can be written as


Whereas "m" refers to the mass, "a" refers to the acceleration while "f" is the force.

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How to calculate Force?

It is a simple fact that if you want to calculate the force then there must be an object that has some mass and is moving with some speed (acceleration). So, you have to figure out the values of mass and acceleration for the force calculation.

As the equation for force is f=ma, We can use the force formula to calculate force. Force equation can also calculate force using online force calculator.

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How to convert Kg to Newtons?

Let's say we have mass of 21kg with the changing speed of 3 m/s2, we will convert kg to newtons using force formula


Where F represents force, m represents the mass of the object, and a represents the acceleration.




62 Newton (force) is required to move that object. You can use force calculator to calculate the force kg to newtons and newtons to kg.

How to use Force Calculator?

It is quite easy to use Force Calculator. Just follow these simple steps.

Step no.1: Place the value of the mass of the objects

Step no.2: - Select the unit of the mass

Step no.3: Place the value of the acceleration of the object

Step no.4: Select the unit of then acceleration

Step no.5: Press Calculate

As per the given input (value of mass and acceleration), the force calculator will calculate the force.

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