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KD Calculator


A KD calculator helps gamers to understand how skilled they are playing in shooting games. It tells the kills-to-death ratio in a particular game by counting how many times they have defeated opponents (kills) and how many times they have been defeated (deaths).

What's a KD In Gaming!

In a game, 

“KD is the ratio between the total number of kills to the total number of deaths”.

KD measures of an individual's efficiency in a multiplier game. If a player has a higher number of kills than deaths in a game, according to our kill to death ratio calculator their KD ratio would be positive. 

Similarly, if there are more deaths than kills in a game, the KD ratio would be negative.

How to calculate KD Ratio?

Calculating KD Ratio is very simple you can calculate this by dividing kills into deaths in any shooting game with the help of the following equation:

KD  =  Kills / Deaths

If you want to calculate KDA, then you need to follow this equation:

KDA  =  ( Kills + Assists ) / Deaths

You can also find KD by using our KD calculator which tells you the actual ratio of your KDA in a matter of seconds.

What is the difference between KD & KDA?

While the KD ratio only considers kills and deaths in a game, when it comes to KDA meaning (Kill/Death/Assist) it adds another factor which is called assist.

KD can be better to show who's really good because it's more accurate. In shooting games, assists might not always mean to help.


Let’s calculate the KD of a player playing the Call of Duty game which includes:

Number of Kills  =  20

Number of Deaths  =  10


KD  =  Kills / Deaths

KD  =  20 / 10

KD  =  2

After solving the equation the resultant KD is 2 you can also check this with KDR calculator our online tool.

Working of KD Calculator:

Working of the KD ratio calculator is very simple, you just have to follow some steps to continue it which are as follows:


  • Enter the number of Kills
  • Enter the number of Deaths and Assists (Optional)
  • Press the "Calculate" Button


  • Kills to Death ratio (KD)
  • Kills / Death / Assists ratio (KDA)


What is a Good KD Ratio? 

A KD of more than 1 indicates that you are winning the majority of your fights, while a KD between 1 and 2 indicates that you are doing very well. 

This number can be even higher if you are playing games that do not have skill-based matchmaking.

What Is a Good KD Ratio in PUBG?

If someone's KD is between 2 and 4, they're good at gaming, If their KD is above 4, they're a real pro with really high skills.

Can You Get a Negative KD?

Yes, you can get a negative KD. The Kd below 1 is considered negative.


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