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Price Calculator


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The price calculator helps you determine the optimal sales price for a product by considering the cost of that item and the desired profit margin. Setting the right price not only attracts more customers but also helps you stay competitive in the market.

How to use our price calculator?

First, enter the values of the Gross Margin and Cost into the required field

Press the Calculate button

The calculator will present the results for Revenue, Gross Profit, and Markup.

What is an optimal price?

The optimal price is the price at which a seller can make the highest possible profit.

An optimal price is the perfect balance between production costs, market demand, and desired profit margins. It assists in determining the ideal point where a seller can attain the maximum financial gain.

Price formula and calculations:

The formula and calculations for pricing, revenue, gross margin, gross profit, and markup are interconnected. Here’s the step-by-step procedure below:

Selling Price or Revenue (R):

The formula for calculating revenue is:

\(\text{Revenue} = \frac{\text{Cost}}{\text{1 - Gross Margin}}\)

Gross Margin (G):

You can find the gross margin by dividing the profit (P) by the selling price or revenue (R),

\(\text{Gross Margin}=\frac{\text{Gross Profit}}{\text{Revenue}}\)

Gross Profit (P):

To calculate the gross profit (P) you have to multiply the revenue (R) by the gross margin (G),

\(\text{Gross Profit} = \text{Revenue × Gross Margin}\)

Markup Percentage (P):

Divide gross profit (P) by cost (C) to get the markup percentage (M).

\(\text{Mark Up}= \frac{\text{Gross Profit}}{\text{Cost}} \text{ × 100}\)


Let's imagine you run a small business that specializes in custom-designed sneakers. You have designed a new line of sneakers, and you want to set the optimal selling price to ensure profitability. The cost of producing each pair of sneakers (C) is $80, and you aim for a gross margin (G) of 50%.


Calculate Selling Price or Revenue (R):

Let's put the values into the formula:

  • R = 80 / (1 - 0.50)
  • R = 80 / 0.5
  • R = 160

Therefore, the selling price or revenue (R) for each pair of sneakers should be $160.

Calculate Gross Profit (P):

According to the formula:

  • P = 160 x 0.50
  • P = 80

The gross profit (P) for each pair of sneakers is $80.

Calculate Markup Percentage (M):

By adding the values to the formula:

  • M = 80 / 80
  • M = 1

To convert to a percentage:

  • M x 100 = 100%

Therefore, the markup percentage (M) is 100%.

In this sneakers business scenario, the price calculator suggests that setting the selling price for each pair at $160 would result in a gross margin of 50%. This pricing strategy generates a gross profit of $80 per pair, with a markup percentage of 100%.

This approach allows your sneaker business to cover production costs and achieve a profitable margin in the competitive market.

How do I calculate my costs?

To calculate cost, add up all your fixed and variable costs to determine your total expenses, similar to managing your personal finances.

To find a business's total costs, just add the fixed costs and variable costs together using this formula:

Total Cost = Fixed Costs + Variable Costs

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