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Margin Calculator



Cost =

Revenue =


Introduction to Margin Calculator

Margin calculator is helpful for calculating items revenue by assuming the cost of product. It is known as desired profit margin percentage as well. The margin of error calculator calculates the main variables of the sale process.

Gross margin calculator finds profit margin, revenue, costs of stuff you sold, and profit by using other given values. As by using profit margin calculator, you can find out gross profit margin formula which determines the health of any company.

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What is Profit?

Profit is the most important source of finance which returns for taking risk in business by measuring the success of investment. Profit is the amount which is earned by selling goods after the expenses are completed.

To check a profit percentage of a company assets in generating revenue, use Return On Assets Calculator to find that percentage. Find complete margin tutorial and the formula which margin calculator uses to get results.

What is True Profit?

The term true profit margin is the measurement of profitability at a given point of time. Total price (revenue) is the amount generated from sales.

Learn how to calculate profit margin by using below formula

Margin Formula

$$\text{True profit %}\;=\;$$

$$\frac{\text{Net Income}}{\text{Revenue}}\;*\;100$$

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What is Margin?

Margin is the difference between the cost to get items and selling price. An average margin is considered almost 10% net profit margin. 20% margin is considered good likewise more than 20% will be considered high and a 5% margin is low.

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What is Profit Margin?

Profit margin also referred as Net Margin or Net Profit Margin. Profit Margin measures profitability ratio and net profit margin.

Profit margin can be measured after or before taxes, to calculate the accurate amount of sales tax use Sales Tax Calculator for this purpose.

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What is Profit Margin formula?

The profit margin formula is as follow:

$$\text{Profit Margin formula}\;=\;$$

$$\frac{\text{Net Profit}}{ Total Revenue}\;*\;100$$

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How to calculate Profit Margin?

Lets find how to caclculate profit margin and how does a profit margin calculator works?

  • Take the cost of good - which you have sold- e.g. $30
  • Take the revenue how much you have sold out that item
    for- e.g. $50
  • Find out the gross profit percentage,

    $$\text{Gross profit}\;=\;$$


    $$\text{50}\;-\;\text{30}\;=\;\text{20}$$ After that divide this result value by revenue $$\frac{\text{20}}{\text{50}}\;=\;0.4$$
  • By expressing it as a percentage, it will be $$0.4\;*\;100\;=\;\text{40%}$$

Thus the profit margin is 40%

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What is Gross Margin?

Gross margin is defined as the percentage and it is the difference between revenue and cost of goods sold, divided by the revenue. Gross profit margin formula can be exchanged with Gross Profit but the terms are different.

What is Gross Profit formula?

The profit a company makes after deducting all types of costs associated to it is called gross profit. Find how to calculate gross profit by using gross profit formula:

Gross Profit Formula

What is Gross Margin formula?

The terms of gross margin is not similar with gross profit percentage. The gross margin formula is:

$$\text{Gross Margin}\;=\;$$

$$\frac{\left(\text{Revenue}\;-\;\text{Cost}\right)}{\text{Revenue}} *\;100$$

How to calculate Gross Margin?

Lets find how to caclculate gross margin and how does a gross margin calculator works?

Gross margin calculator works on the following formula:

Margin Calculator Formula

As profit equation is:

By putting profit equation into grass margin, as alternative margin formula will be:



Formula to find out revenue:





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What is the difference between Margin and Markup?

Margin is the ratio of profit to the sales while markup is the ratio of profit to the purchase price. So the gross margin is sales minus the cost of goods sold.



$$\text{Margin}=\frac{\text{Gross Profit}}{Revenue}*100$$

Note:b Calculation will be in percentage.

For example, if the cost of a product is $1 and we sell it for $2. Revenue is $2 and markup is 100%, but the profit margin is just be 50%. Remember, margin is always less than 100 percent, but markups can be 200%, 500% or more.

Markup dependent upon the price and the total cost of the product. For a layman, when they are dealing with prices (numbers) not percentages, profit will be known as margin or markup.

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How to use Margin Calculator?

Our margin calculator is simple and very easy to operate. You just need to enter the values of cost and revenue and it will instantly shows you the values of margin and profit. This makes it one of the best and fast online tools.

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