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Grams to Moles Calculator


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This advanced grams to moles calculator converts grams to moles and moles to grams and shows complete steps involved. Also, the tool calculates the molar mass and number of molecules in the substance.

Gram To Moles Conversion:

Grams to moles are used to estimate correctly the number of moles of a substance with a specific mass. It also measures the products obtained from chemical reactions.

Our fast and accurate grams to moles calculator helps you to measure the amount of product in the substance.

Grams to Moles Formula:

Our moles to grams calculator uses the following formula to readily perform to and fro conversion among moles and grams.

n =m/M


  • n = number of moles 
  • m = mass of the substance 
  • M: molar mass of the substance

How To Convert Grams to Moles?

This grams to moles calculator functions to provide instant conversion without a dealy. But if your goal comes up with manual calculations, keep scrolling!

Example # 1:

Suppose that we have 7 moles of Copper solution. How do you convert grams to moles by using grams to moles converter? 


Number of moles of copper (n) = 7

Molar mass of copper (M)= 63.456

We know the grams to moles formula:

n =m/M

n * M = m

m = n * M

Put the values in the formula. 

m = 7 * 63.456

m = 444.192 g

You can also verify the results by putting the values in free grams to molecules calculator.

Example # 2:

Suppose that we have 2 liters of water. How to calculate moles from grams of about 2-liter water?


Quantity of water = 2 liter 

$$ \text{2 Litres of Water} = \text{2000 ml of water} $$

As we know:

$$ \text{Molar Mass of 1 Litre of water} = 18.015 $$

$$ \text{Molar Mass of 2 Litres of water} = 2 * 18.015 $$

$$ \text{Molar Mass of 2 Litres of water} = 36.03 $$

Carry out converting grams to moles.

$$ n = \frac{m}{M} $$

$$ n = \frac{2000}{90.075} $$

$$ n = 22.199 moles $$

Working of Grams to Moles Calculator:

This straightforward and user-friendly g to moles calculator enhances your calculation speed. Stick to the following steps to use this calculator and get immediate results.


  • Choose the compound name
  • From the next list, select the element
  • Enter the number of moles and molar mass in respective fields 
  • Tap “Calculate


Grams to moles calculator will give you the output as follow:

  • Mass of the substance 
  • No. of moles of the substance 
  • Molar mass of the substance 
  • No. of molecules present in a substance 


What Is The Relation Between The Moles and Grams?

For every element, the number of grams in moles is the same as the number of atomic mass units in the atomic mass of the element. For example, 100g of Water (atomic mass = 5.551amu) is 5.551mol.

Why Do You Need To Calculate The Gram To The Moles?

It plays a vital role in the measurement of the number of atoms or molecules in grams. Often the compound quantity is described in moles and needs to be converted into grams.


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