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Square Root Curve Calculator


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Square root curve calculator helps you to adjust raw scores or grades using the square root function to create a more equitable distribution of grades.

The square root curve is a method of adjusting grades by applying the square root function to the raw scores. This technique is often used to curve grades upward, resulting in a more forgiving distribution of scores.

Square Root Curve Grade Formula:

Here is the basic formula:

\( \begin{align*} SRG &= \sqrt{G} \times 10 \end{align*} \)


  • SRG – The square root curved grade
  • G – The student’s raw grade

How to Calculate Square Root Curve Grade?

When it comes to making a quick and accurate calculation, the square root curve calculator is the most convenient option. However, if you prefer to perform the calculation manually, follow the provided example.


Suppose, if a student receives a score of 72 (G) on a test. What is the student's square root curved grade?


Using the formula:

\(\begin{align*} SRG &= \sqrt{G} \times 10 \end{align*}\)

Step 1: Calculate the square root.

√(72) = 8.4852

Step 2: Multiply it by 10.

8.4852 × 10 = 84.852

Step 3: Round the curved grade to the nearest whole number.

84.852 ≈ 85

Therefore, the student's square root curved grade is 85%.

square root-curve

Square Root Curve Chart:

Have a look at this chart which displays the visual representation of how the square root function transforms raw scores into curved grades:

Raw Score Square Root Curved Score
0 0 0
1 1 10
4 2 20
9 3 30
16 4 40
25 5 50
36 6 60
49 7 70
64 8 80
81 9 90
100 10 100


How do I Calculate a Test As 20% of a Grade?

Calculating a test as 20% of a grade involves the following steps, such as:

  • Identify Weight: Determine the test's weight in the overall grade (20% in this case)
  • Calculate Weighted Value: Multiply your test score by 0.20 (representing 20% in decimal form) to find its weighted value
  • Add to Overall Grade: Combine the weighted test score with other graded components to compute your final grade

You can also consider the grade curve calculator for instant results.

When Should a Square Root Curve Be Used?

A square root curve should be used when there is a clear need to adjust grades upward in order to provide a more forgiving assessment for students. This could be helpful for students who are struggling in a particular subject or have faced unexpected challenges.

However, the square root curve should only be used as a standard practice for some assessments, as it can hide true student abilities.

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