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Grade Calculator


Are you concerned about your performance in exams? Want to estimate your expected average grade?

Well! We have a remarkable tool for you, we present to you the grade calculator. Our easy-to-use gadget will allow you to efficiently estimate your exam score so you can stay focused on your aim, and to figure out what it takes to achieve your desired rank.

Teachers can also benefit from this calculator, to prepare the final report for students. In this article, we will guide you regarding the concepts of weighted average, its estimation and how to calculate the final grade by using weighted grade calculator?

Weighted Average:

When computing a simple average, or mean, all figures are treated equally and given equal weight. On the other hand, the weighted average assigns weights that regulate the relative significance of each data point.

A weighted mean is mostly computed to balance the frequency of the values in a data set. For instance, a survey may get adequate responses from all age groups and may be considered statistically valid, but the 20-35 age group may have less respondents compared to other groups in a Population sample. The survey team may rate the results of the 20-35 age based on their proportion in the study Population.

However, a data set may be ranked for other reasons than the rate of occurrence. For example, if students in a music class are graded on talent, attendance, and etiquettes, the score for talent may be awarded with more weight than the other factors. In the same way, different courses have varying importance in terms of points added to the final result. Even, within a course, the projects, theory and practical are scored according to their weightage.

How to Calculate Weighted Average?

To calculate it, you have to multiply each data value by its assigned weight, which is then summed and divided by the sum of assigned points. The final average number reveals the relative standing of each observation and is thus more effective than a simple average. It also imparts the effect of smoothing out the data and improving its accuracy.

Weighted Mean
Data Point Data Point Value Assigned Weight Weighted Value
1 20 2 40
1 30 3 90
1 50 5 250
TOTAL 5100   380
The Average     380/10 = 38

The weighted grade is expressed as the sum of the product of the weights (given in percent) times the grade (g):

Weighted mean = w1×g1+w2×g2+w3×g3

When the weights are not given in percent, you have to divide by their sum:
= (w1×g1+w2×g2+w3×g3) / (w1+w2+w3)

4 points Physics course with a grade of 80
3 points Chemistry course with a grade of 72.
2 points Math course with a grade of 90.
Grade is calculated as:
Weighted grade = (4×80+ 3×72+ 2×90) / (4+3+2) = 79.5

How to find weighted average using our calculator?

Our weighted average calculator is used to compute overall semester average grades for courses having different weights concerning credits. The precise calculation that we use can be applied to any data set or numbers, irrespective of whether they are weighted differently or not. You can estimate this average for your projects, courses, or even for previous semester years.

In order to calculate it using our weighted score calculator, just add the required grade in percent and set the weights for each grade. Our smart tool will compute the results for you within seconds. You can also find the required grade by placing the desired average value.

Final Grade Calculation:

Most class scoring system consist of several categories: assignments, tests/quizzes, practical and the final exam. Typically, each category is worth a proportion of your total marks. Because the final exam isn't scored until the end of the semester, it isn't included when estimating your current overall performance.

As a substitute, all the other groupings are scaled up to balance the weight reserved for the final exam. Therefore, you can compute the minimum grade you are required to score on the final exam using the formula:

Final exam grade = (desired grade - (100% - w) × present grade) / w
W = final exam weight


Consider an example, with desired grade of 90%
Suppose that Present grade is 80, exam weight is 60%.


Final exam grade = (90% - (100% - 60%) ×80%) / 60% = 72.5%

Can’t remember formula? Don’t you worry! Just enter the required fields in our grade calculator and get the desired value with speed and precision. We are optimistic that this article and our calculator will benefit you in predicting your final score. Good Luck!

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