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WHP to HP Calculator


Whp to Hp Calculator is designed to help people convert power from wheel horsepower (Whp) to standard horsepower (Hp). It makes this conversion easy, especially for those dealing with vehicles, engines, motors, or power-related calculations.

Steps to Use WHP to HP Calculator:

If you don’t want to be involved in manual calculation just enter a couple of inputs in the WHP to HP converter and it will instantly display the most accurate results such as:

What to Enter?

  • Step 1: First, Select the conversion type you want to calculate (Either WHP to HP or HP  to WHP)
  • Step 2: Then enter the required values based on your selection 
  • Step 3: Press the Calculate button

What will you get?

  • WHP to HP conversion
  • HP to WHP conversion

Comparison between Whp vs Hp:

Before we get into the technical aspects of the WHP calculator, it is important to clarify the difference between WHP and HP. Usually, wheel horsepower is around 20%-45% lower than engine horsepower.

WHP (Wheel Horsepower):

WHP represents the  Wheel Horsepower, which is a way to measure the strength that actually needed to move your car's wheels. It makes you understand the force needed to make your car go on the road.

WHP examines things such as how much energy is lost in the car's transmission and the resistance of the tires on the road. It simplifies the process of understanding how well the car actually performs in real-life scenarios. 

HP (Horsepower):

Horsepower, on the other hand, is a basic measure of how strong an engine is in making power. But it doesn't consider any energy that might get lost as it goes from the engine to the wheels of a car. It's like knowing the engine's potential but not how well it actually makes the car move.

The Expression and Calculations:

The WHP to BHP calculator uses the following formulas to calculate the WHP to HP conversions and vice versa.

WHP to HP Conversion:

The equation is as follows:

$$ HP = \frac{WHP}{(1 - DL)} $$


  • HP - Horsepower
  • WHP - Wheels Horsepower
  • DL - Drive Train Loss

HP to WHP Conversion:

The formula is as follows:

$$ WHP = \frac{EHP}{DTLF} $$


  • WHP - Wheels Horsepower
  • EHP - Engine Horsepower
  • DTLF - Drive Train Loss Factor

Example 1: WHP to HP

let's solve an example of WHP (Wheel Horsepower) to HP (Horsepower) conversion using the formula:

$$ HP = \frac{WHP}{(1 - DL)} $$

Let's say you have a car with a WHP of 250 and a drivetrain loss (DL) of 15%.

To find the HP, you have to plug these values into the formula:

$$ HP = \frac{250}{(1-0.15)} $$

Now, calculate inside the parentheses first:

$$ 1 - 0.15 = 0.85 $$

Now, divide WHP by 0.85:

$$ HP = \frac{250}{0.85} $$

$$ HP = 294.12 $$

So, the car's HP is approximately 294.12 when you have a WHP of 250 and a drivetrain loss of 15%. You can also try WHP to HP calculator for this.

Example 2: HP to WHP

Imagine you have a high speed sports car with an EHP (Engine Horsepower) rating of 300 HP (Horsepower). The car's manufacturer states that the DTLF (Drivetrain Loss Factor) is 10%.

Now, let's calculate the WHP by using its formula:

$$ WHP = \frac{EHP}{DTLF} $$

First, put the values to the equation:

$$ WHP = \frac{300}{0.10} $$

Now, calculate the division:

$$ WHP = \frac{300}{0.10} = 3000 $$

So, in this real-life example, the Wheel Horsepower (WHP) of your sports car is approximately 3000 when you have an Engine Horsepower (EHP) of 300 HP and a Drivetrain Loss Factor (DTLF) of 10%. This represents the actual power that reaches the wheels and moves the car.

Drive Train Loss Chart:

In the following table, you can easily understand the drive train loss classification based on their wheel drive type:

Front Wheel Drive 10% (0.10)
Rear Wheel Drive 15% (0.15)
All Wheel Drive 25% (0.25)


Why is it called horsepower?

It's called "horsepower" because it was originally created to compare the power of early engines to the work a horse could do. It was named after horses because they were commonly used for work. This made it easier for people to understand how powerful these machines were by comparing them to something familiar, like a horse's strength.

Is 1 HP equal to a horse?

No, 1 HP (Horsepower) is not equal to one real horse. It's just a unit of measurement invented by James Watt in the late 18th century to describe how powerful machines are compared to the work a horse could do. It's a way to quantify engine power in terms that people can relate to, but it doesn't mean 1 HP is the same as having a horse.

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