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Function Operations Calculator


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A function operations calculator helps with combining and using math rules for functions. This is useful for solving tricky math problems and understanding how things change in different situations when you add, subtract, multiply, or divide functions.

What are Functions?

In mathematics,

“Function is an expression, rule, or principle that defines a relationship between one variable (dependent) to another variable (independent)”.

Using an indicated operation calculator is the best way to solve algebraic functions very quickly, as well as you can draw a function graph of the x-intercept and y-intercept.


Functions are generally represented as f (x) = 2x, instead of y = 3x.

Here f (x) doesn't mean that f × x. It just refers to the equation as being a function.

Formula of Combining Functions:

The following are the basic function formulas that can be used in solving functions calculator:

  • For addition f and g: (f + g)(x) = f (x) + g(x)
  • For subtraction f and g: (f – g)(x) = f (x) – g(x).
  • For multiplication f and g: (fg)(x) = f (x)×g(x).
  • For divisions f and g: (f ÷ g)(x) = f(x) ÷ g(x).
  • In the case where g(x) = 0, the quotient is undefined.

Step By Step Examples:

If you are wondering how to add functions, here is a step-by-step guide through which you can clear your concepts further. Let’s solve the function if,

f (x)  =  2x + 1

g (x)  =  3x - 13

For Addition:

(2x + 1)  +  (3x - 13)

2x + 1  +  3x - 13

(2x + 3x)  +  (1 - 13)

⇒ 5x  -  12

For Subtraction:

(2x + 1)  -  (3x - 13)

2x + 1  -  3x - 13

(2x - 3x) - (1 - 13)

⇒ -x + 14

For Multiplication:

(2x + 1)  ✕  (3x - 13)

2x (3x - 13)  +  1(3x -13)

6x^2  - 26x  +  3x - 13

⇒ 6x^2  - 23x - 13

For Division:

(2x + 1)  /  (3x - 13)

⇒ (2x + 1)  /  (3x - 13)

Working of Function Operations Calculator:

We can calculate the various function in just a single click with the help of operations on functions calculator by putting a couple of inputs which are as follows:


  • Enter the value of f (x) and g (x) into their respective fields
  • Hit the Calculate button


  • Detailed solution to all arithmetical operations


What are the main types of functions?

There are different types of functions listed below:

  • Constant Function
  • Exponential Function
  • Linear Function
  • Quartic Function
  • Cubic Function
  • Power Function

What is the difference between a relation and a function?

In a relation, you can have multiple outputs for a single input, whereas in a function operations calculator, you only have a single input against a single output.

What types of functions represent graphs?

These types of functions represent graphs:

  • Linear Function
  • Power Function
  • Quadratic Function
  • Polynomial Function
  • Rational Function
  • Exponential Function
  • Logarithmic Function
  • Sinusoidal Function


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