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Reverse Sales Tax Calculator


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Reverse sales tax calculator helps you determine the pre-tax price of an item or service when the total amount including sales tax is known. It helps users figure out the original price before any sales tax is applied. This tool is particularly used in the field of budgeting, financial analysis, and understanding the distribution of costs.

How to use this reverse sales tax calculator?

Insert values: Enter the values of the final price you’ve paid and the sales tax rate into the required field

Start calculation: Press the Calculate button 

Results: The reverse sales tax calculator will give you the original price prior to applied tax, and also shows its step-by-step solution. 

What is reverse sales tax?

Reverse sales tax refers to the process of determining the original cost of a product or service before the sales tax is applied.

This approach is useful for understanding the base cost of an item and how much of the total payment goes toward taxes.

Reverse sales tax formula:

$$ \text{Original Price} = \frac{\text{Final Amount Paid}}{1 + \text{Sales Tax Rate}} $$

How can I calculate the original price before sales tax?

Want to calculate the real price tag before taxes? Follow the example below which helps you understand the reverse sales tax calculations better:


Suppose you bought a pair of shoes for $65, and the sales tax rate is 8%.

Now, add these values to the reverse sales tax equation:

\(\text{Original Price} = \frac{65}{1 + 0.08}\)

\(\text{Original Price} = \frac{65}{1.08}\)

\(\text{Original Price} \approx 60.19\)

So, the original price of the shoes before the sales tax was approximately $60.19.

Why is calculating reverse sales tax important?

When it comes to understanding the significance of calculating reverse sales tax, several factors contribute to its importance. Let's have a look at this!

Transparency in Purchases:

Reverse sales tax calculations offer transparency by revealing the pre-tax cost of an item.

Shoppers understand how much they really pay for something.

Budgeting Accuracy:

Knowing the original price helps in accurate budgeting as it allows individuals to plan their expenses more precisely.

People who are careful with their money can see how much sales tax affects all the money they spend.

Informed Purchase Decisions:

Consumers can make more informed decisions about their purchases when they are aware of the original price.

Knowing how much something costs before taxes helps people decide if it's worth the money.

Financial Planning:

For businesses and individuals alike, reverse sales tax calculations play a role in effective financial planning.

Accurate cost analysis supports strategic financial decisions, whether it's for personal budgets or business expenses.

Avoiding Overpayment:

Calculating reverse sales tax prevents overpayment by ensuring that the final price aligns with the buyer's expectations.

Avoiding unnecessary expenses becomes easier when the true cost is known upfront.

Comparison Shopping:

When people compare prices while shopping, reverse sales tax calculations help them make smarter decisions.

Comparing the pre-tax prices of similar products enables individuals to choose the best deal.

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