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Discount Calculator


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What is Discount Rate or Sale Price?

The price of a good or service that is being offered at a discount is generally called a sale price. Something sells or is sold after its price has been reduced than its original price is also known as a sale price or discount rate. For making it easy, the sale price is something sold at a price.

How to Calculate Discount Rate?

To find a discount rate or sale price you need to minus the list price from the sale price, further divided it by the list price and then multiplied it by 100. You can also modify this formula to calculate the list price and sale price when needed.

Discount Rate Formula

As we mentioned earlier, to find a discount rate or sale price you need to minus the list price from the sale price, further divided it by list price and then multiplied it by 100. So keep these parameters in front; the discount rate will be

D= (L-S) / L X 100


L = List Price

S = Sale Price

D = Discount Price

Let's consider some examples of discount rates to understand it in a better way.

Example 1: If the list price of a DVD is $120 and the final sale price is $90 then what will be the discount rate

Sol: As per the Discount rate formula

D = (L-S) / L X 100

By putting given values in the discount rate formula we get

D = (120 – 90) / 120 X 100 = 0.25 x 100

D = 25%, so you saved 25% amount

You can also calculate the sale price by modifying discount rate formula. Let's find how

Tip: Sometime you see that there is no discount but the price has still decreased. That is because of depreciation. You can calculate the depreciation of a product by using depreciation calculator.

Sale Price Formula

The sale price can be determined by subtracting the markdown percent from 100, changing over that number into a decimal, and duplicating the decimal by the ordinary cost of the great. For example, a good that is normally priced at $100 and currently being offered at a 10% reduction would have a sale price of $90. As per the sale price formula definition, the numerical formula for the sale price will be

Related: You can also get to know about the sales tax of the product by using sales tax calculator.

S=L− D/100 × L

You can use this formula to calculate the sale price of anything you want.

Benefits of Shopping on a Sale or Discount

Have you been trying to find out if buying on a discount is a good idea? If yes then we suggest that you read up on the benefits of shopping on a sale or discount to cover up your queries.

1-Better Price

With buying on a sale or discount, you can enjoy a better price since you can get your desired product with the discounts you are looking for. Aside, regular discounts, many online stores offer rebates and discount coupons too

2-More Variety

You have terrific choices when buying your favourite stuff on sale. You can buy several brands from different discount offering stores without any hassle. There will be no need to spend extra money on anything you want. The beauty of discount rates is you have an immersive variety of every product that you are interested in.

3-Sending Gifts

Discount rates or on sale buying allows you to send gifts to your friends and relatives without putting a lot of burden on your pocket. You can buy several brands from different stores without spending too much. So, spending gifts on special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries won't be a problem. You can buy gifts on discount rates to make your loved ones happy.


At times, we end up spending a lot more money when shopping without considering sales or discount rates on certain things we want. To tackle these additional expenses, it is always advisable to purchase stuff on sales to get maximum discount rates.

5-Price Comparisons

When it comes to buying on sales, comparing and researching is a lot easier. Besides, you have the liberty to share important information as well as reviews with your friends and shoppers regarding discount rates that have some experience with a particular product or a retailer.

Why Shop Online for Better Discount Rates?

As the internet is the new big thing to shop anything. You can find various stores and colossal discount rates online on certain things that you are looking for a while. In this way, we propose that you set out to find out about the advantages of shopping on the web.Given underneath are a couple of advantages to assist you with discovering which choice you ought to go for


Convenience is the most significant benefit of making purchases online. With the help of the Internet, you can buy whatever you want and whenever you want to. You don't have to leave the comfort of your room to order your delicious pizza. In other words, you can use this option 24/7. In the case of eBooks and other software, you can get your hands on the desired product in seconds.

No crowds:

It's not comfortable to deal with a big crowd when you are out trying to buy your desired product. This is true, especially during special events and festivals. You may have to deal with some smelly, annoying or grumpy people as well, which is not so easy. Aside from this, you have the problem of parking. But with online shopping, you can avoid all of these issues.

Why Calculate Discount Using a Discount Calculator?

Calculating discount rates by hand is as hard as calculating and solving any other mathematical problem. It becomes even worse when you are in a hurry to buy a thing, and discount rates are often in decimal terms. If you already face this problem while shopping or want to know about how much you can save or you have saved while buying on discounts, then a discount calculator is one of the best solutions for you. We offer

Discount calculator to overcome the issues which you used to face while calculating discounts by hands.

How to Use Our Discount Calculator?

A discount calculator, sale calculator or a percent off calculator gives you the freedom to calculate the discount rates wherever you want. You can find as many sale calculator as you want online, but our discount rate calculator outshines every other discount calculator in terms of usability and reliability. It is one of the easiest to use discount calculator which you can find online. You only need to perform the following steps to calculate to find the price after discount and money you saved after discount using this discount calculator

  • Enter Price Before Discount 
  • Enter Discount (In Percentage)

Click on the "Calculate" Button

You will get both the "Price after Discount" and "Money You Saved" within a few seconds after performing above mentioned steps.

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