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Yards To Tons Calculator


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By using the yards to tons calculator easily find out how many tons your materials weigh from cubic yards. Enter the total number of cubic yards and the density to measure the total weight in tons.

How do I Convert Yards to Tons?

The specific conversion from cubic yards to tons gravel depends on the type and density of the material that is being measured because a certain volume of material in cubic yards can have a different weight when expressed in tons.

So, have a look at the formula below which is used by the cubic yards to tons calculator to clarify the concept. 

Yards to Tons Formula:

To perform yard to ton conversion accurately, you need to know the material's density, which is typically expressed in pounds per cubic yard (lbs/ft^3) or kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³)

So, convert cubic yard to tonnes by the below formula:

Weight in Tons = Volume in cubic yards x Material's density in pounds per cubic yard 

T = CY ∗ D


  • T = Total tons
  • CY = Cubic Yards
  • D = Density 

The density of a material is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume. The density of different materials varies widely, so it is important to use the density of the specific material you are converting when using the above formula.

Practical Examples: 

A farmer wants to know how many tons of sand he needs to order to top-dress his fields. He knows that he has 100 acres of land and he wants to apply 1/2 inch of sand to each acre. How many tons in a yard of sand.


Step # 1 _ Determine the Volume in Cubic Yards:

The farmer wants to top-dress 100 acres with 1/2 inch of sand. As we know that there is 43,560 square feet per acre. So, calculate the volume for one acre first:

Convert inches to feet = 1/2 inch x (1 foot / 12 inches)

= 1/24 feet.

Volume for one acre = 43,560 square feet * (1/24) feet 

= 1,815 cubic feet per acre

Volume for 100 acres = 1,815 cubic feet / acre * 100 acres 

= 181,500 cubic feet

Step # 2 _ Convert Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards:

There are 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard. So, divide the total volume in cubic feet to convert it into cubic yard

= 181,500 cubic feet / 27 

= 6,722.22 cubic yards

Step # 3 _ Calculate Tons Using Density:

As we know like the farmer is the density of the sand is 1.3 tons/cubic yard. So, multiply the volume in cubic yards by the density to find the total weight in tons:

= 6,722.22 cubic yards x 1.3 tons/cubic yard 

= 8,749.89 tons

Hence, according to the cubic Yard to Ton Calculator, the farmer will need approximately 8,749.89 tons of sand to top-dress his 100 acres of land with 1/2 inch of sand.

How our Yards to Tons Calculator Operates:

The yards to tons conversion is a useful process for a variety of industries like construction, agriculture, and landscaping. Simplify your material calculations by just inserting the below values in cubic yard to ton calculator. 

What to Do:

  • Set the form of material for which you want to get conversion 
  • Indicate the density value (in pounds per cubic yard or kg/m³)
  • Show the original volume entered in cubic yards to serve as a reference point for conversion.

What to Get:

Ton is a unit of mass that is equal to the 2000 pounds of force. Our cubic yards to tons calculator displays the weight after the conversion from the cubic yard in the form of below points: 

  • US Tons
  • Metric Tonnes
  • Pounds  

Yards to Tons Conversion Table:

Material (1 yd3) Density Estimate US tons Metric tonnes
Asphalt (crushed) 45 lb/ft3 0.61 0.55
Asphalt (liquid) 65 lb/ft3 0.88 0.8
Cement (portland) 85 – 95 lb/ft3 1.15 – 1.28 1.04 – 1.16
Concrete 140 – 150 lb/ft3 1.89 to 2.03 1.71 to 1.84
Dirt 65 – 80 lb/ft3 0.88 to 1.08 0.8 to 0.98
Gravel (loose, dry) 75 – 95 lb/ft3 1.01 to 1.28 0.92 to 1.16
Gravel (dry 1/4 to 2 in) 105 lb/ft3 1.42 1.29
Gravel (wet 1/4 to 2 in) 125 lb/ft3 1.69 1.53
Gravel (with sand) 120 lb/ft3 1.62 1.47
Limestone (crushed) 85 – 95 lb/ft3 1.15 – 1.28 1.04 – 1.16
Limestone (low density) 110 – 135 lb/ft3 1.49 – 1.82 1.35 – 1.65
Limestone (high density) 160 lb/ft3 2.16 1.96
Mulch (bark) 15 – 20 lb/ft3 0.2 – 0.27 0.18 – 0.24
Mulch (woodchip) 25 – 30 lb/ft3 0.34 – 0.41 0.31 – 0.37
Sand (dry) 80 – 100 lb/ft3 1.08 to 1.35 0.98 to 1.22
Sand (damp to wet) 100 – 120 lb/ft3 1.35 to 1.62 1.22 to 1.47
Topsoil 100 lb/ft3 1.35 1.22
Topsoil (saturated) 115 lb/ft3 1.55 1.41


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