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Feet and Inches Calculator


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The feet and inches calculator is designed to find the feet and inches that are given in the form of fractions. Our online ft and in calculator is an incredible tool for dividing, multiplying, subtracting, and adding feet and inches by using whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractions. 

What Are Foot And Inches?

The feet and the inches are the fundamental and standard units of measurement. 

1 inch = 1/12 feet = 0.083333 feet. It means that there are 12 inches in 1 foot. Feet is abbreviated as “ft” and the inch is abbreviated as the “in”.

While it is easy to add and subtract feet and inches by using a feet inch calculator. 

Feet And Inches Fraction Conversion:

We have designed this free feet and inches calculator to clarify your confusion so you may not feel trouble performing such calculations.


With the help of the following equation, you can add feet and inches. 

Addition = Value1(ft + in) + Value2(ft + in)


By inserting the below-coming formula the calculation of subtracting feet and inches will be easy.  

Subtraction = Value1(ft + in) – Value2(ft + in)


The product of both feet and inches is shown with the help of the following formula. 

Multiplication = Value1(ft + in) * Value2(ft + in)


Bring about in-between feet and inches calculations with the help of the downstair formula.

Division = Value1(ft + in) / Value2(ft + in)

All division, multiplication, subtracting, and adding problems are instantly performed with the help of our online feet and inches calculator.

How To Calculate Feet And Inches?

Whatever how much length you want to measure in feet and inches, our free foot and inch calculator will convert your measurements into both feet and inches quickly. For this purpose move on to the examples below:


Suppose there is a room with the following dimensions. By supposing these measurements Find out the total area of the room in inches 

Length = 12ft 5/8 in inches 
Width = 8ft 2*1/3 inches 


Convert the length to inches 

12 * 12 + 5/8inches 
144 + 0.625 = 144.625 inches 

Convert the Width to inches 

8 * 12 + 2*1/3inches 
96 + 2.33 = 98.33 inches 

Now we find Area 

Area = length * width 

Area = 144.625 * 98.33

Area = 14220.97625 in^2

You can also find the region or a part of town with the help of an area calculator

Working of Feet and Inches Calculator:

Convert any inch fraction to the decimal form by dividing the numerator of the fraction by the denominator with the help of the feet to inches calculator. If you follow the few basic steps then you can do it yourself. 


  • Enter the feet and inches values in either whole, fraction, mixed, or decimal number 
  • Select the operation that you want to perform 
  • Do the same for the second measurement 
  • Tap “Calculate”


Our feet inches calculator will give you the following results.

  • Total feet and inches 
  • Display the feet and inches conversion
  • Show the imperial units of both 
  • Step-by-step calculations 

Inches To Feet Chart:

The below chart simplifies the process of adding and subtracting fractional inches values together and might be faster by using the feet calculator. We summarize the different standard values in the feet and inches in the form of a table. 

Inch Fraction To The Total Decimal Inches:

Measurement in fractions (Inches) Total decimal measurement (Inches)
5/7 0.7142
5/8 0.625
5/5 1
4/2 2
7/5 1.4
3/7 0.4285
5*1/2 5.5
6*1/2 6.5
2*1/4 2.25
3*1/8 3.125
1*3/4 1.75
4*1/2 4.5
7*1/2 7.5
8*1/2 8.5

Inch Mixed Number By Difference of Two:

Measurement in fractions (Inches) Total decimal measurement (Inches)
23*3/4 23.75
11*3/8 11.375
17*3/4 17.75
17*5/8 17.625
19*3/4 19.75
29*5/8 29.625
17*3/8 17.375
21*7/8 21.875
33*3/4 33.75
29*3/4 29.75


How Many Centimeters Are There in 6 and a Half Inches?

Multiply the value in inches by the factor by the conversion factor of 5.50333

6 1/2 is a mixed number so it is written as 13/2

13/2 * 5.50333 


How Many Inches Are in One Foot?

Foot and inches are both units of measurement. Foot is the greater than the inch. Convert any feet to inches by multiplying the number by 12. Since there are 12 inches in a foot. 

How Tall Is 6 Feet Boy In cm?

6 * 30.48 = 182.88

One foot is equal to 12 inches and 1 inch is equal to 2.54cm. You can verify the answer with the help of the adding measurements calculator. 


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