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Square Inches Calculator


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The dynamic square inches calculator is utilized to figure out the square inch of an area with the unit inch cost by just putting the length and width in terms of m, cm, mm, inch, ft, and yd.

What is a Square Inch?

“A square inch is a unit of area that is equal to a square with one inch on each side”. 

It is the measurement that is made by the two lengths and various units can also be used for their calculations for various shapes.

Square Inch Formula For Different Shapes:

Square inches is the unit of area so it can be calculated by finding the length and width and then multiplying these values together or for fast determination use the square inch calculator.  

For different shapes, the formula may also be variate. If you’d rather make the calculations yourself, use the square inches to square feet formulas below. 

Square and Rectangle:

A square has all their sides equal but the rectangle has two sides equal hence, the area of rectangles and squares can be deduced by multiplying their length and width. 

Sq ft = L x W

L = length, W = width 


A plane four-sided rectilinear shape with the opposite parallel sides. Multiplying their dimensions given as the base and height area of a parallelogram makes it easy. 

Sq ft = B x H 

B = base, H = height 


As the name itself suggests the three-sided polygon which has three edges and vertices is known as a triangle. By keeping in view the below formula determine the square inch easily.

Sq ft = ½ BH

B = base, H = height


The square inches calculator helps to calculate the area of a circle in inches. If you want to judge the square feet of steering wheels then use the below formula:

Sq ft = πr^2

π = 3.14, R = radius


Suppose you want to buy a handbag then it is better to estimate first how many square inches or square feet the bag is suitable for your grip. 

Sq ft = ½ ( a + b ) h 

a = Base 1, b = Base 2, H = height 

How to Calculate Square Inches?

The inches to square inches conversion is essential to find the area in other units. The below table is demanding to calculate square feet from inches so look at this:

The below table is used to convert into square inches. 

Units in sq in Formulas
Square cm to sq in Multiply by 0.155
Square mm to sq in Multiply by 0.00155
Square meter to sq in Multiply by 1550.0031
Square feet to sq in Multiply by 144
Square yard to sq in multiply by 1296

Working of Square Inches Calculator:

For any construction project, an online square feet calculator inches is considered to be important. It quickly performs construction-related calculations like how many materials you need for a certain part of a structure. 

If you're conscious of getting fast results then look at their required values. 


  • Insert the length and width in the designated field 
  • You may or may not enter a price
  • Tap on the “Calculate” button 


Our square inches calculator assists you in finding the below points.

  • Total area in a square inch 
  • Total cost per square inch 

Square Inches Chart:

Square Inch Square Feet (Sqft)
1 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.007
2 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.014
3 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.021
4 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.028
5 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.035
6 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.042
7 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.049
8 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.056
9 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.063
10 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.069
11 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.076
12 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.083
13 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.09
14 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.097
15 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.104
16 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.111
17 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.118
18 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.125
19 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.132
20 Square Inch to Square Feet 0.139


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