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Box Plot Calculator


The box plot calculator is used to analyze the dataset in the form of a box or whisker plot and gives graphs. Also obtain minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and maximum values of statistical data by box plot maker.

What is a Box Plot?

“Box plot is the method to summarize the data in the form of a graphical representation”.

Box plot also known as the whisker plot gives a visual representation of how the data is distributed and gathered. In this way, you can compare the values. 

Box Plot Chart:

“The type of chart that indicates a group of numeric data is known as a box plot chart”.

Box plots show outliers as other methods display and It provides a summary of data symmetry. It is used to display the locations and spread at a glance 

Working of Box Plot Calculator:

The box plot is extremely helpful to get the graphic display that gives powerful distribution insights for the given values. Providing the following value is required to make it work.

What To Do:

  • Insert the range of the data set
  • Tap “Calculate”

What To Get:

You can receive the below values by using the whisker plot calculator.

  • Ascending and descending order of values  
  • Minimum and maximum values in a dataset 
  • Median of lower and upper quartile values 
  • Graphical representation of a box 

How to Make a Box and Whisker Plot? 

The dot plot calculator makes it easy for us to understand the statistical set of data by presenting a graphical representation and you can also be able to compare them between multiple groups of values. 


Procedure To Make a Box Plot:

Step # 1:

Arrange the data set in ascending order 

Step # 2:

Find the upper and lower extreme limits means the lowest and highest values from the data set.

  • Lower Extreme Value = 2 
  • Upper Extreme Value = 13 

Step # 3:

Find the median from the values. As you already know median is the central value. In this case, the median is 7.5

Step # 4:

The box and whisker plot calculator can be used to find the IQR and the upper and lower quartiles. IQR is the difference between both values. Evaluate the first and third quartiles from the given values.

  • First Quartile = 4.5
  • Third Quartile = 11.0

Step # 5:

Ascending Order: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13, 13,
Descending Order: 13, 13, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2,
Maximum Number: 13
Minimum Number: 2
Third Quartile: 11.0
First Quartile: 4.5
Median: 7.5

Graphical Representation of Box Plot:

With the help of a box and whisker plot maker, you can also captivate the variable locations and get the answer with remarkable clarity so we can say that it is a powerful data exploration and analysis tool. Look at the graph for the given value. 

  • The bottom side indicates the first quartile
  • The top side shows the third quartile
  • The vertical side of the central box shows the inner quartile deviation. 
  • The horizontal line inside the box is the median.   

box plot calculator


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