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Permutation Calculator




n = , r =



Formula: P(n,r) = n! / (n-r)!

In this exapmle we have n = and r = . by Putting these values in above formula, we have:

P(n,r) = ?

P(n,r) = P(,)


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Introduction to Permutation Calculator?

The possible ways in which a set of numbers or digits can be arranged in a unique way is called permutation. For example, the permutations of ABC would be BCA or CAB.

Lets say we have 4 objects, there would be 4 times 3, 3 times 2, 2 times 1 or a total of 24 possible permutations. With the exclamation mark, the process is called the factorials.

Factorial equation is given as

n! = n*(n-1)*(n-2)*...1

So as per permutation equation

4! =4*3*2*1 = 24

This is read as "four factorial" which is equals to 24.

To calculate permutation is different than being told. There are many situations in which calculating permuations using formula is difficult. Using this distinguishable permutations calculator will solve and give answers of possible number of sets it can be. This permutation calculator with solution is an all in one tool whose algorithm is correct. It is also used to speed up the working speed limit to move on.

What is Permutation Calculator?

Finding permutations and combinations by hands is quite a hassle to do. It becomes even worse when it comes to calculate permutations for large values. For that, permutation calculator comes into play.

A permutation calculator allows you to calculate permutations of "r" elements within a set of "n" objects easily. There are several online calculators which can be used to calculate permutations. Permutation calculator uses formula for permutations to find result quickly.

What is Permutation formula?

The permutations formula is the number of permutations "n" with different objects taken "r" at a time is:


Where 0 < r < = n

npn = n!/(n−r)!

npn calculator uses the same permutation formula to get accurate results.

How to Calculate Permutation Online using Formula?

This permutation formula calculator runs with the help of permutation formula in the backend. All possible set of numbers are arranged by fetching the data you give in the function bar. This permutation formula will help you to find permutation of set of numbers.

How to find Permutations and Combinations?

Lets say we want to find how many different signals can be made by 3/4 of different colors.

According to the permutations formula, here n=4 and r=3 as we need to make a combination without repetition of 3 flags out of 4 flags. Therefore

4P3 = 4!/(4−3)!

4P3 = 24/1

4P3 = 24

So there are 24 signals which can be made by 3 flags from 4 flags of different colours.

So the number of permutations and combinations of n objects taken k at a time is


How to find the order of permutation with permutation solver?

Suppose we have 4 objects and we select 2 at a time. In this example, we used the first two numbers. The remaining numbers of 4! are 2 and 1 or 2!.

In general, for n objects n! Divided by (n-k)! Where k is the number of objects, we take from the total of n objects. So for this example 4! Divided by


Which is


and it equals 12.

This number of permutations calculator will also give the order of permutation in the solution area. You will find in the answer when solving. As this online permutation calculator gives the step by step answer apart from the exact number of sets. As told above find your order of permutation in the steps of solutions in the end.

How to use Permutation Calculator?

Our permutation calculator is very simple & easy to use. To use our permutation calculator, follow these steps.

  • Select the number of permutations you want to calculate.
  • Enter the total number of object "n" in the first field.
  • Enter the number of elements taken at a time "r" in the second field.

You will get the number of permutations within a few seconds after entering the selected values in the right fields. Such simplicity and easy to follow steps make our permutation calculator one of the best calculators which you can find on CALCULATORED.

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Luis Ramirez
Excellent. It's a joy to use your permutations calculator. I wanted to know the number of permutations of a phrase of 4 words. It gave me: P (4,1) = 4 P (4,2) = 12 P (4,3) = 24 I guess the total number of permutations of the 4-word phrase must be the SUM, ie, 40 permutations. I hope I am correct. Thanks a thousand. Sincerely A satisfied user