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Scatter Plot Maker


Our online scatter plot maker allows you to create graphs to visualize data. It helps to understand the relationships between two numerical variables.

What is a Scatter Plot?

“A graph in which the values of two variables are plotted along two axes and represent the values by using dots is known as a scatter plot”

The scatter plot generator enables you to observe the relationships between variables. It represents the data point on the cartesian system. These independent variables are plotted on the x-axis and the dependent variables are plotted on the y-axis. 

Types of Scatter Plot Correlation:

A mutual relation between two variables is known as correlation. If the given variables are correlated, the points of the scatter plot graph will fall along a line or curve. It shows how closely two variables are related to each other.

Therefore, better the correlation then the points will touch closely to the line. Try our scatterplot maker and see how it creates scatter plots for visually appealing data visualizations.

There are three types of scatter plot graphs that are as follows:

  1. Scatter Plot for Positive Correlation
  2. Scatter Plot for Negative Correlation
  3. Scatter Plot for Null Correlation

How to Use a Scatter Plot Maker?

To visually represent the relationships between two variables utilize a scatter plot creator. It begins to transform the raw data into the scatter plot. So, to analyze the business metrics start by inputting the below values. 

What you Enter?

  • Insert the values for dependent and independent variables 
  • Some are optional points that you can insert or not

What you Get?

  • Data Insight in Table form: Gain valuable insights by observing the spatial arrangement of data points, enabling quick identification of relationships between variables
  • Scatter plot Graph: Witness an instant graphical representation of your data, unveiling patterns, trends, or correlations.

How to Create a Scatter Plot?

To get a sketch of the scatter plot, you need sets of data for the x-axis and the y-axis and these are typically indicated as the independent and dependent variables. After identifying data you can follow the below steps:

  • Along the x-axis draw a sketch of a scatter plot for independent variables 
  • Along the y-axis draw a sketch of a scatter plot for dependent variables
  • Where the given values meet, indicate them by adding dots or symbols 
  • If two values fall on the same point then you can show these side by side

Practical Example:

Suppose there is a game competition in which the game played and scores obtained in each instance are as follows. So draw a scatter plot for a given set of data. 

  • X Data = 7, 11, 21, 14, 23
  • Y Data = 49, 74, 71, 77, 76


Generate a scatterplot diagram with the given X and Y variables:

7 49
11 74
21 71
14 77
23 76

Scattered Plot Graph:

Our scatter plot maker is designed to observe relationships between numeric variables. The given graph displays values across two variables (one on each axis) for a dataset. It is constructed based on the predicted and response variables.

scattered plot maker

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Sets of Data does a Scatter Plot Show?

There are two sets of data in a scatter plot. One of the data sets is on the x-axis and the other set of data is on the y-axis. 

Differentiate between Bar Graphs, Line Charts, and Scatter Plots?               

Scatter Plot Bar Graph Line Chart
It gives an overview of relationships between data across multiple variables It Compare larger changes or differences in data among groups It displays smaller changes in a trend over time
Showing the relationship between height and weight Comparing the sales of different products Showing the trend in global temperatures over time


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