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Combination Calculator




n = , r =



Formula: C(n,r) = n! / (r!(n-r)!)

In this exapmle we have n = and r = . by Putting these values in above formula, we have:

C(n,r) = ?

C(n,r) = C(,)


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Introduction to Combination Calculator

Combination calculator helps you to generate combination without repetition. If you are looking for number combination generator, this online calculator is the best online solution you'll ever get.


For more details regarding this combination generator without repetition, see this complete combination tutorial.

What is Combination?

The selection of items from a collection in a way that the order of the selection does not matter. Numbers of different groups that can be formed by selecting some or all the items are called combinations of those numbers.

Formula used by Combination Calculator

The combination formula is nPr means the number of Combination without repetition of "n" things take "r" at a time.

nCr = n! / r! (n-r)!


The combination calculator with solution uses above mentioned formula to generate combinations without repetition.

What is Permutation?

The numbers of different arrangements that can be made by taking some or all of those items called permutations. It is a unique way in which several objects could be ordered or chosen. For instance, on the off chance that we had three letters ABC, we could arrange them as ABC or BCA. These would be two different permutations. A third permutation would be CAB.

What we need to know is how many permutations of these objects are there. As you have seen, the number of alphabets entered is substantial; ABC is not the same as BCA. Whereas in combinations, any order of those three alphabets would suffice.

What is Permutation formula?

nPr = n (n-1) (n-2) (n-3) …………. (n-r+1) = n! / (n-r)!

For the complete learning & practice of permutation, find our permutations calculator.


How to identify Permutation or Combination?

Permutation or Combination

Sometimes it is tricky to identify Permutation and Combination. It resembles choosing a group of state 11 players out of accessible, state, 100 players. For this circumstance, when you circulate a once-over, it isn't noteworthy who was picked first.

In Permutation the order is essential. In the above case suppose you take a photograph of 11 players, then even by changing the position of one player we will get a different photo. Each different position is a separate order or arrangement. So in Permutation, there is Selection and arrangement whereas in Combination there is the only selection.

Key things to remember while calculating Permutation

  • Permutation where a particular item is to be in the specified place
  • Round about Permutation when there are "n" objects they can be organized in (n-1) ways
  • Permutations of things not all different n! / p! q! r!
  • Permutation with repetition nr

How to Calculate Combinations and Permutations?

When these are "n" things and we make courses of action of them taking "r" at a time we get nPr plans. Where nPr defines several "n" things taken "r" at a time.

Example 1:

Find how many ways a cricket team having 11 players can be formed from 15 high-class payers available?

As per combination definition and formula, the value of “n” (total players) is 15 and the value of “r” (players to be chosen) is 11.

By putting the estimations of both "n" and "r" in the Combination's equation we get

15C11 = 1365

So, a team can be formed in 1365 ways. For fast and accurate calculation of combination as well as permutation, don't forget to use our permutations and combinations calculator

Example 2:

A committee of 5 people is to be chosen from 6 men and 4 women. How many committees are possible if

a) There are no restrictions?


b) One specific individual must be picked on the advisory group?

1 x 9C4

c) One specific lady must be prohibited from the advisory group?


Example 3:

In a hand of poker, 5 cards are managed from an ordinary pack of 52 cards.

(i) What is the all-out conceivable number of hands if there are no limitations?


a) In what number of these hands are there

b) 4 Kings?

4C4 x 48C1 or 1 x 48

Example 4:

If 4 Math books are selected from 6 different math books and 3 English books are chosen from 5 different English books, how many ways can the seven books be arranged on a shelf?

a) If there are no restrictions?

6C4 x 5C3 x 7!

b) If the g math’s books remain together?

This one can be explained with both Permutation and Combination. So, the answer is

6P4 x 5C3 x 4! Or (6C4 x 4!) x 5C3 x 4!

Why to use Combination Calculator?

A combination calculator is the most simplest tool to solve combination problems. What is really important to use a combination generator is to understand the basic formula and functionality of the calculator. You can find yourself to cope with this competition as there are many online combination generator available.

This calculator works on nCr to get you the most trustable and exact results without taking much of your time. If you want to know how many combinations can be made out of a particular number, try our combination generator online.

How to use Combination Calculator?

Our combination generator without repetition is a tool that helps you not only determine the number of combinations, but it also shows the possible sets you can make with every single Combination. To use our combination calculator, you need to perform the following steps

  • Enter the estimation of "n" in the first field
  • Enter the estimation of “r” in the second field
  • Click on the “CALCULATE” button

After clicking on the calculate button, you will get the combinations of a specific number within a few seconds.

I hope you liked our Combination generator and the theory. We also have other online calculators which helps students and teachers while doing their calculations.

So go and use them on Calculatored for best learning. Also provide your valuable feedback so that we could constantly improve. Cheers!

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