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Circumference to Diameter Calculator


Circumference to diameter calculator helps you convert or calculate a circle's diameter when the circumference is known, and vice versa. It simplifies the conversion process which provides users with quick and accurate results without the need for manual calculations.

Parts of a circle:

A circle consists of three main parts, which includes:


The circumference of a circle is the total curved distance around its outer boundary.


A diameter is the longest straight line segment that passes through the center of a circle and intersects both its opposite ends. It is equal to twice the radius.


The radius of a circle is the straight line from its center to any point on the circumference. it is half of the diameter.

Circumference to diameter formula:

$$ d = \frac{C}{\pi} $$


  • d – diameter of the circle.
  • C – Circumference of the circle.
  • π – Pi (approximately 3.14159)

Finding the distance around a circle seems complex, but it's not. We have included a helpful example below to illustrate how to find the diameter from the circumference of a circle, such as:


Suppose you have a circle with a circumference (C) of 30 centimeters. Now, you want to find the diameter (d) of that circle.

Using the formula:

\(d = \frac{C}{\pi}\)

Adding up the values:

\(d = \frac{30}{\pi}\)

Now, calculate:

\(d \approx \frac{30}{3.14159} \approx 9.55\)

How to find the circumference when diameter is known?

To find the circumference from the diameter of a circle is pretty simple with the help of the following formula:

  • (C = π d) or (C = 2 π r)


Let's say the diameter of a circle is 10 cm. To find the circumference (C), you can use the formula that we discussed above:

C = π d

Add the values into the formula:

C= 3.142 × 10cm

Now, calculate the circumference:

C ≈ 31.42cm