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Circumference Calculator


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The circumference calculator allows you to calculate diameter, area & circumference online. Enter the required parameters and the tool will instantly show step-by-step calculations for the circumference of the circle and other parameters involved.

What Is The Circumference?

In geometry:

“The path or boundary that encompasses a circle is known as the circumference of a circle.”

Circumference Formula:

Our circumference calculator is a unique way to solve and clarify any type of query about the circumference. But if your goal comes up with manual calculations, you may use the following formula for the circumference of a circle:

C = 2πr


r = Radius of a circle
π = Ratio of circumference to diameter = 3.1415

Circumference to Diameter:

The circumference and diameter are lengths dependent on each other in a circle. We already know that the diameter is double the circle’s radius, so we simplify the circumference by the diameter.

C = πd

C/D = 2πr/2r = π

C/D = 2πr/2r = π

The constant is also defined by the diameter to circumference. It is also used in finding cone volume.

How To Calculate Circumference?

Let’s jump toward a couple of examples that will certainly help you understand how to find this geometrical parameter!

Example # 1:

If the circle has a radius of 3.5 cm, then how to find the circumference of a circle?


We know that:

C = 2πr

C= 2*3.14*3.5cm

C= 22 cm

Also, use the Pythagorean theorem calculator for calculating the length of sides of right-angle triangles.

Example # 2:

If the circle has a diameter of 7cm, then calculate circumference.


Circumference of a circle regarding the diameter is given as:

C = πd

By putting values,

C= 3.18*7 cm

C= 22 cm

Example # 3:

How to calculate radius if the diameter of the circle is 6 cm?


We know that:

D = 2 * radius 


Radius = D/2

Radius = 6/2

Radius = 3cm

This is the required answer that you can also verify using this online circumference calculator. 

Working of Circumference Calculator:

The procedure for using the circumference of a circle calculator is described below. Enter the following inputs and get immediate calculations. So we have the following calculations:


  • Fill out the radius field with its value.
  • Tap Calculate


  • The circumference calculation of the circle, with the steps shown
  • Diameter and area of the circle


Why Is Calculating Circumference Important?

The circumference of a circle measures the distance around the whole circle and that is why it is vital.

Does the Circumference Means Length?

Circumference basically deals with arc length. It is similar to the perimeter of other shapes like squares. More precisely, it means that circumference is the length of its boundaries.


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