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Cylinder Volume Calculator


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The cylinder volume calculator helps you to instantly calculate the volume of the cylinder from its radius and height. Our surface area of a cylinder calculator finds the volume of cylindrical shaped objects and gives you quick and accurate results.

What Is Cylinder Volume?

“The cylinder volume is the measurement of how much room is inside a cylinder shape. It tells us how much space or stuff you can fit inside the cylinder”.

Cylinder Volume Formula:

If you are wondering how to find the volume of a cylinder, our cylinder volume calculator uses the following formula for a cylinder to calculate the volume of a cylinder with 100% accuracy. The cylinder volume equation is:

V = π r^2 h


r = Radius of the cylinder 
h = Height of the cylinder
π = It is a constant equal to 3.14


Let’s assume you have a cylinder with a height of 100 cm and a 20 cm radius. Calculate the volume of that cylinder. 

Given Data:

  • Height of cylinder = 100cm
  • Radius of cylinder = 20cm
  • π = 3.14

As we know the formula to evaluate the volume of a cylinder is:

       V = π r2 h

       V = 3.14 (20x20) 100

       V =  125600

The volume of cylinder formula helps to calculate its accurate value which is 125600.

Now you can easily calculate the volume of that cylinder with the help of our online cylinder volume calculator.

Working of Cylinder Volume Calculator:

With the help of this tool, you can calculate the exact volume of the cylinder by following these simple steps:


  • Put the height and radius of the cylinder 
  • Tap “Calculate”


  • Value of the cylinder’s volume
  • The total surface area of a cylinder
  • Step-by-step calculations 

Types of Cylinders:

There are three most commonly discussed types of cylinders in the geometry, 

  • Right Cylinder
  • Oblique Cylinder
  • Hollow Cylinders

Our volume of a cylinder calculator helps you to calculate volume cylinder types easily as well. Let's examine the cylinder types one by one.

Right Cylinders:

If you find two bases are precisely over each other without any deflection and the axis is right angles to the base, this is known as a right cylinder. Right cylinders have a straight form factor in most cases with a perfect angle of the axis in the base or center.

Oblique Cylinders:

In the case of oblique cylinders, one side of the base of a cylinder is displaced sideways. The axis is parallel but not at the right to the angles of the bases. That's why it is called oblique cylinders. You can also calculate the surface area of a sphere by using the volume of the sphere calculator.

Hollow Cylinders:

A hollow cylinder is basically a cylinder that's empty from the inside and has a difference in radius between the inside and outside. The bottom of a hollow cylinder looks a bit like an annular circle. Basically, the bottom looks like a circle with two concentric circles around it.


Do Cylinders With The Same Height Always Have The Same Volume?

Yes, because of Cavalieri's principle, Cylinders with the same height might look different, but they're the same in volume. This is because they have the same height and base, and all the cross-sections inside are the same shape as the base.


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