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Cone Volume Calculator


A cone volume calculator can help in solving not only school problems but it can also help you to find some interesting facts like how much ice cream can fit into the cone. So if you are the one who loves to find the answers of such questions definitely volume of cone calculator can help you a lot.

Finding the volume of a cone or pyramid is an incredible numerical exercise and requires a calculator or decent information on time table. If we envision a prism, cone, pyramid or a similar stature, the volume is constantly one-third of the volume of the prism,
which gives us the formula $$V = Base Area * Height ÷3$$ or $$volume = \frac{1}{3} * π * r^² * h$$

What is the difference between a cone and pyramid?

Enter the truncated cone and pyramid. In basic terms, a truncated cone or pyramid is an entire one with the top expelled.

On the off chance that the slice is made parallel to the base, the shape is basically called 'truncated'. If the cut is not parallel to the base it is called 'oblique truncated', but these shapes have even fewer uses in the construction of physical objects than the full shapes.

Tips to Measure Volume

Volume is perceived as the measure how much certain item take space. Volume is regularly utilized by numerous individuals as a term for depicting fluids. In any case, it can likewise be utilized for different items that have volume estimated. At this time, we are going to give you some important tips to measure volume of any object.

The first thing that you have to do is to draw rectangular prisms, cubes, and cones on a sheet of paper. You can use graph paper in order to help you in keeping the things at the constant scale for getting better interpretation. The second thing that you need to do is to use formulas to obtain volume of different shapes. After that, it is required for you to multiply the height by the width by the length of a cube in a way to get its volume.

The third thing that you should do is find the graduated cylinder for measuring a physical object like pencil, ball, or paper clip. Then, you need to add a certain amount of water to this graduated cylinder. You just need to add enough water so that the water will be able to completely cover the object when you add this object to the water. Moreover, you should make a note of where the top of the water is located on the graduated cylinder.

The fourth thing is to put your object in the water. It is important for you to make sure that the water can move up higher in graduated cylinder. Do not forget to make the note of this measurement as well.

Lastly, you just need to determine the difference between the two and that is the volume of the object that you measure. So, now you can start to follow the tips above and get the volume of certain object you want to measure.

How to find surface area of cone?

If you have already read about prisms and pyramids, you know that they are similar to each other and have similar formulas. The same is true for cylinders and cones. The difference is the issue of one base (cone) versus 2 bases (cylinder).

Formula for the Surface Area of Cones: SA = B + LA, where SA refers to surface area, B refers to the AREA of the base, and LA refers to lateral area.

This formula to find the surface area of cone is exactly the same as the initial formula for the pyramid. This time, however, things are different. The shape we get when we open our cone is NOT any of the polygons when have learned before and we will need some new terminology.

For a cone, the base is a circle, so the first change to the initial formula looks like $$SA = π r^2 + LA$$ It is this lateral area that will give us trouble.

What is Oblique Cone Volume?

An oblique cone is a cone with a pinnacle that isn't adjusted over the focal point of the base. It leans mostly one side like an oblique cylinder. But you can calculate the oblique cone volume using standard cone volume formula or our cone volume calculator.

How to calculate the volume of a cone?

As we find the formula of a cone earlier, so based on that formula, let’s calculate how much volume you can fit into a cone. Solving such problems on page or by hands become quite difficult but this cone volume calculator can help you best in this regard. This volume of a cone calculator works on the basic principles of volume to give you accurate results. To utilize this volume of cone calculator, you need to perform do following steps

  • Enter the “Radius” in the Field
  • Enter the “Height” in Second Field
  • Select the “Length” Parameters
  • Click on the “Calculate” Button

After clicking on the “Calculate” button on this cone volume calculator, you will get the results within a few seconds. Our cone volume calculator outshines every other online volume of a cone calculator by due to its easy to understand UI and free of cost usage.

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