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Cone Volume Calculator


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What is Cone?

A cone has a flat surface which comes towards a point known as apex or vertex. A cone is always three-dimensional. A cone is formed when line segments or half lines connects to a common point.

Cone Volume formula

The formula for volume of a cone is


Difference between Cone and Pyramid

A cone has a circular base and one vertex along with solid three dimensional figure. A pyramid has a polygon base and one vertex of triangular faces along with three dimensional object.

See the cone volume tutorial to skip reading in detail.

What is Volume?

Volume is defined as the space which a substance or shape contains. Volume is regularly utilized by individuals as a term for depicting fluids. Volume is measured by the SI unit, cubic meter.

How to measure Volume step by step?

Steps to measure volume are

Step #1: Draw rectangular prisms, cubes, and cones on a sheet of paper. Use graph paper to help in keeping the things at the constant scale for better learning.

Step #2: Use formulas to obtain volume of different shapes. After that, multiply the height by width & length of cube to get its volume.

Step #3: Find graduated cylinder and add certain amount of water into graduated cylinder and cover it with water. Highlight where top of the water is located.

Step #4: Put your object in the water and make sure that the water can move up higher in graduated cylinder. Do not forget to make note of this measurement as well.

Step #5: Determine the difference between two. It is the volume of the object that you measure.

How to find surface area of cone?

Prisms and pyramids are similar to each other and have similar formulas. Cylinders and cones also have same formula differ because cone has one base and cylinder has 2 bases.

Formula for surface area of cones is SA = B + LA. Where SA refers to surface area, B refers to the area of the base and LA refers to lateral area.

The base of cone is a circle, so the first change to the initial formula looks like $$SA = π r^2 + LA$$

For learning and practice other concepts of volume, find volume of spheres calculator for free.

What is Oblique Cone Volume?

An oblique cone has a pinnacle that is not adjusted over the focal point of the base. It leans mostly one side like an oblique cylinder. We can calculate the oblique cone volume using standard cone volume formula or rectangular cone volume calculator.

What is Cone Volume Calculator?

Finding the volume of a cone & pyramid is a numerical exercise which requires decent information on time table. If we envision a prism, cone or pyramid, the volume is constantly one-third of the volume of the prism. It gives us the formula:
$$V = Base Area * Height ÷3$$ or $$volume = \frac{1}{3} * π * r^² * h$$

Also find volume of a cylinder calculator with calculatored to get the volume of cylinderical shaped body.

How to use Cone Volume calculator?

Volume of a cone calculator works on the basic principles of volume to give you accurate results. To utilize this cone volume calculator, you need to perform do following steps

Step #1: Enter the “Radius” in the Field.

Step #2: Enter the “Height” in Second Field.

Step #3: Select the “Length” Parameters.

Step #4: Click on the “Calculate” Button.

After clicking on the “Calculate” button on this cone volume calculator, you will get the results within a few seconds. Our cone volume calculator outshines every other online available tools because its free and easy to use.

We hope our volume of a cone calculator helped you in learning and practice. You can also use our other online calculators to learn and practice your math concepts.

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