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Length Converter


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A Length Converter is a measuring tool which is designed to convert length units as per both metric and imperial measuring scales. It gives you measurements in 5 different length units.
Here is the list of the measuring units in which our length converter gives measurements:

Imperial Measuring Units

Millimeter (mm)
Centimeter (cm)
Meter (m)
Kilometer (km)

Metric Measuring Units

Inch (in)
Foot (ft)

How to Use Length Converter?

If you want to convert any of the length units into another length unit then this converter is exactly what you need.

To use this, all you are required to do is to give input to the converter by selecting the measuring unit which you want to convert and then placing the length in digits on the converter.


STEP 1: Select the Length Unit (which you want to convert)
STEP 2: Give the numerical value of the length (which you want to convert)
STEP 3: Press FIND

Result (Converted Value)

After getting the input, the length converter will convert the length measurement into 5 different length units.

Below the input box and the Find button, you can see six different boxes containing 6 length units (Centimeter, Meter, Foot, Inches, Kilometer, and Millimeter), respectively. The converter will give you results based on the given input which you will be able to see in those six boxes, respectively.

For example, if you want to convert 34 inches to any of the other length units (Centimeter, Meter, Foot, Kilometer, or Millimeter) all you are required to do is to select Inches from the length unit box, add the numerical value of the length "34" on the converter, and then press Find to see the results. The converter will give convert 34 inches into 5 different length units as:

Which Length Units You can Convert?

This converter has been designed to convert any of the length units into the other length units as per your requirement.

You can convert:

  • Inches to Meters/ Meter to Inches
  • Centimeters to Inches/ Inches to Centimeters
  • Feet to Inches/ Inches to Feet
  • Meter to Kilometer/ Meter to Kilometer
  • Meter to Millimeter/ Millimeter to Meter
  • Millimeter/Kilometer/ Kilometer/Millimeter

In short, you can convert them into each other using this converter. Such as you can convert cm to inches, meters, feet, millimeters, kilometers or vice-versa.

Or else you can convert m to ft, cm to ft, inch to cm, meters to inches, m to ft, feet to inches, or vice versa, respectively.

Conversion Table

  Millimeter Centimeter Meter Kilometer Inch Feet
1 Millimeter 1 mm 0.1 cm 0.001 m 0.000001 km 0.0393701 in 0.00328084 ft
1 Centimeter 10 mm 1 cm 01 m 0.00001 km 0.393701 in 0.0328084 ft
1 Meter 1000 mm 100 cm 1 m 0.001 km 39.3701 in 3.28084 ft
1 Kilometer 1000000 mm 100000 cm 1000 m 1 km 39370.1 in 3280.84 ft
1 Inch 25.4 mm 2.54 cm 0.0254 m 0.0000254 1 in 0.0833333 ft
1 Feet 304.8 mm 30.48 cm 0.3048 m 0.0003048 km 12 in 1 ft

This conversion table can help you to figure out the accurate converted values of the measuring length units.

Length Measuring Scales: Imperial and Metric Unit System

Imperial and Metric both are length measuring unit systems. On these scales of measurement, we can measure the length of all kinds of objects, entities, or materials. This converter is basically designed to convert these measuring length units as per your requirement

Metric Unit System

Metric Unit System of Length includes Millimeter (mm), Centimeter (cm), Meter (m), and Kilometer (km) units to measure the length of any object. The smallest unit of metric length units is the millimeter. Whereas Kilometer can be referred to as the largest unit of length in the metric unit system.
Let's explore all of the metric length units one by one.

What is Millimeter?

A millimeter is a unit of length that can be marked as one-thousandth of a meter which is also a length unit of the metric unit system.

Centimeter: Definition and Conversions

A centimeter can be referred to as a length unit that is equal to one-hundredth of the meter. Centimeter units are usually used to mark the length measurements of smaller objects or distances.

In other words, 1/100th of a meter is what we call a centimeter.

How many cms in an inch is one frequently asked questions about the measuring units, so, let's figure out its answer. There are 2.54 cms in an inch.

For more conversions of a centimeter, check out the conversion table given above.

What is a Meter and the Criteria to Measure it?

Meter is the basic unit of the metric unit system of length. A meter is equal to one hundred centimeters about which we have mentioned above.

In other words, an area occupying 100 hundred centimeters can be measured as 1 meter in length. If you want to convert a measurement from meters to inches, inches to meter, or want to convert meter to feet or any other conversion accordingly, then you can use our length converter to do so accurately.

Let's convert 1 m to ft. If it is 1m and you want to know what will be its value in the foot measuring unit then 1 m to ft is equal to 3 feet. Furthermore, if we convert inches to meter then 1 inch equal to 0.0254 m.

Kilometer: Definition and Conversions

Kilometer can be referred to as the largest metric unit of measurement and is equal to 1,000 meters as per the international standard scale of measurements. Kilometers are usually used to mark the distance or displacement.

Imperial Length Units

This converter is equipped with two imperial length units, yet. These are Inch and Feet.

You can convert an Inch to any of the other five length units (mm, cm, m, km, ft) using this converter or vice-versa. Likewise, feet can also be converted into any of these length units or vice-versa

Inch: Definition and Measuring Scale

What is meant by the inch? How many cms are there in an inch? and how to convert cm into other length units are such questions which will be addressed in this section.

An inch can be referred to as a length unit and is abbreviated as "in". On both imperial and metric measurement scales, an inch is referred to as a unit of length which is used to measure the length of an object. An inch is exactly equal to the size of a human thumb. However, the more accurate way to mark the value of an inch is as per the International Standard which states that an inch is equal to 2,54 centimeters.

So, the answer to the question " how many centimeters in an inch" is that according to the international standard, 2.54 cms are there in an inch.

Let's move ahead to answer the last question which we raised above. You can convert an inch to any of the length units using this Length Converter as per the directions are given above in the Method Section.

You can also consult the Conversion Table given above to know all about the converted values of an inch, and other length units.

Foot: Definition and Measuring Scale (Conversion)

A foot is an imperial length measuring unit which is equal to 0.3048 meters. The plural form of foot is referred to as feet. You can convert foot into any other measuring unit or vice-versa, respectively.

1 cm to ft is equal to 0.0328084 whereas 1 m to ft is equal to 3.28084 ft.

To know more about the conversions of feet, see the conversion table and also use this converter to have your desired results.

How To Use Length Converter

How to use length converter

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