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Centimeter to Milimeter Conversion



Millimeter (mm) is the unit of length in the SI( International System of Units).One Millimeter is equal to 1/1000 of a meter.

How to convert cm to mm





Convert 5 centimeters to millimeters by using the above formula




Centimeter (cm) Millimeter (mm)
1 (cm) 10 (mm)
2 (cm) 20 (mm)
3 (cm) 30 (mm)
4 (cm) 40 (mm)
5 (cm) 50 (mm)
6 (cm) 60 (mm)
7 (cm) 70 (mm)
8 (cm) 80 (mm)
9 (cm) 90 (mm)
10 (cm) 100 (mm)

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