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Curtain Size Calculator


An online curtain size calculator determines the height and width of the window hanging relative to its style and fullness. Our curtain width calculator takes into account the window height and window width. 

Curtain Size Formulas:

The length of fabric you need to purchase for your home is necessary to evaluate the size of room. The standard curtain sizes and their fullness varies. Therefore, for different styles, the curtain size calculator brings into service the different formulas.

                                             curtain size 

Standard Length of Curtain:

As we have discussed above, the standard curtain sizes come in different lengths. We can evaluate the standard size of a curtain with the help of the curtain pole length calculator. But to evaluate the sizes for different styles look at below:

Sill, Apron, or Floor Length:

Low-profile windows are set up high with the sill and apron length curtains. These curtains end right at the sill of the window. 

Curtain Length = Height + Height of Rod  

Café Length of Curtain:

The curtains covering the lower half or two third of the windows are cafe-size curtains. The cafe size of the curtains is evaluated with the following formula:

Curtain Length = Height/2

Extra Long Curtains:

In general, for windows that are long enough from a little above the floor such types of curtains seem appropriate. Find the length of these curtains with the following formula:

Curtain Length = Height + Height of Rod + 6 

Standard Length Curtain Sizes Chart: 

The curtain size calculator utilizes the following standard curtain sizes chart to evaluate the length for different styles. You can find the curtain size in inches to centimeters in the below chart:                                                                                                                                   

Inches Centimeter
63 inches 160 cm
84 inches/s 213 cm
96 inches 244 cm
108 inches 274 cm
120 inches 305 cm

Standard Width of Curtain:

The curtain width calculator calculate the curtain fullness by entering the total width of the curtain sizes in inches from one edge to another. The width of the curtains for different styles is determined as follows:

Standard Fullness:

Curtain Width = Window Width * 2 

Deluxe Fullness:

Curtain Width = Window Width * 2.5 

Ultra Fullness:

Curtain Width = Window Width * 3 

Standard Width Curtain Sizes Chart: 

Here we through light on how to measure curtain width. Stay focused!   

Curtain Pair Pack x Width Approx. pole or track length for a full gather Approx. pole or track length for a relaxed gather
46 inches (117 cm) 46 inches (117 cm) 66 inches (168 cm)
46 inches (117 cm) 46 inches (117 cm) 66 inches (168 cm)
66 inches (168 cm) 66 inches (168 cm) 90 inches (228 cm)
90 inches (228 cm) 90 inches (228 cm) 112 inches (284 cm)
112 inches (284 cm) 112 inches (284 cm) 157 inches (400 cm)

Working of Curtain Size Calculator:

The curtain pole length calculator is designed to calculate the size of drapes that are based on length and width. Review the points below:


  • Set the type of curtain 
  • Chose the fullness of the curtain 
  • Enter the length and the width of the curtain 
  • Tap “Calculate”


You can get the following results from our online curtain calculator just simply putting the above values:

  • Curtain length and width in inches 


What Is The Common Length Of The Curtain?

The standard curtain sizes in inches are 84, 96, 108, and 120 and these are typically 48 inches wide. These sizes can vary depending on the styles but the curtain size calculator UK calculates it easily with 100% precision. 

Are Curtains Supposed To Be Wider Than The Window?

The wider curtains than the windows are looking a great option. This will create an illusion of width and height. For this purpose, choose a rod wider than the window and makes your beautiful.  


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