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Draw Length Calculator


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Draw length calculator is designed to help archers in figuring out the accurate length for pulling back the bowstring before releasing the arrow. It ensures that the archer's equipment is well-suited to their body size which helps in maximizing the performance of the archer and enhances a more enjoyable and comfortable archery experience.

What is draw length?

Draw length refers to the distance between the bowstring and the grip of the bow when an archer pulls back the string to a full draw position.

It is typically measured in inches and is specific to each archer based on their body proportions and shooting style.

Draw length calculator

Why is knowing your draw length so important?

Knowing your draw length is crucial in archery for several reasons:

  • Accuracy: Matching your draw length to your bow ensures accuracy in the shots which helps in making you feel that you release the arrow consistently.
  • Comfort: Using the correct draw length enhances your comfort while shooting which helps in reducing strain and fatigue during extended practice sessions or competitions.
  • Consistency: A consistent draw length contributes to consistent shooting form, which is essential for developing muscle memory and improving the overall archery experience.
  • Bow Selection: Knowing your draw length helps in selecting the right bow, as different bows are designed for specific draw lengths. You get the best performance from your equipment using the right bow with the correct draw length.
  • Safety: Using an incorrect draw length may lead to overexertion, poor shooting form, and safety issues. Knowing and using the correct draw length minimizes the risk of injury.

How to calculate your draw length?

There are several ways to calculate your draw length, such as:

Using draw length calculator:

Simple and convenient: Simply enter your wingspan into our calculator, and it will quickly process the information and provide you with the recommended draw and arm length for your archery setup.

Wall Method:

  • Stand with your back against a wall, holding a ruler or a yardstick horizontally.
  • Extend your arms straight out to the sides, forming a "T" shape with your body.
  • Have someone measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other.
  • Divide the measurement by 2.5 to get an estimate of your draw length.


Let's say an archer has a wingspan of 70 inches. Let's calculate his draw length using the draw length formula:

Draw Length = Wingspan / 2.5

So, for this example:

Draw Length = 70 inches / 2.5 = 28 inches

In this case, the estimated draw length for the archer would be 28 inches.

Arm-span Method:

  • Stand with your arms stretched out horizontally, forming a straight line.
  • Have someone measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other.
  • Divide the measurement by 2.5 to estimate your draw length.

Full Draw Method (with Assistance):

  • Stand comfortably and draw a bow with the help of a knowledgeable assistant.
  • While at full draw, have the assistant measure the distance from the nock point on the bowstring to the pivot point of the bow grip.
  • This measured distance is your draw length.

Professional Assistance:

  • Seek guidance from a skilled archery professional to accurately measure your draw length.
  • They can provide you with personalized advice on the best bow for you.

Draw Length vs. Arrow Length

Draw length: How far you pull back the bowstring for a shot.

Arrow length: Arrow length is the measurement from the front end of the arrow shaft to the throat of the nock.

Key Differences:

Measured: Draw length is determined by measuring on the bow, whereas arrow length is measured directly on the arrow itself.

Functional Role: Draw length affects the initial launch angle and alignment, while arrow length influences arrow behavior in flight.

Relationship: Arrow length is typically slightly longer than draw length (usually by 1-2 inches), but the exact length depends on various factors like bow type, shooting style, and arrow spine.

What is full draw?

Full draw in archery refers to the position when an archer has pulled the bowstring back to its maximum extent, reaching a point where they are ready to release the arrow.

What is an anchor point?

In archery, an anchor point is a specific spot on the archer's face, like the chin, where the archer puts their drawing hand to stabilize their aim before releasing the arrow.

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