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Distance Formula Calculator


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The distance formula calculator calculates the distance between two points for a parallel or straight line that is coordinated in any dimension. Our 2d distance calculator finds the space between a couple of points or objects, making your calculations fast.

Distance Between Two Points:

Distance is the space between two points or objects.

The distance between points calculator is used to measure how far apart the point or object is.

Distance Formula:

You can calculate teh distance between a couple of points in a coordinate system by using the following formula:
d = \sqrt {(x₂ - x₁)^2 + (y₂ - y₁)^2 }

The same formula is also used by our distance between two points calculator to calculate results with 100% accuracy.

How To Calculate The Distance Between 2 Points?

Our online and free distance formula calculator has the ability to simplify your problem. But you also need to learn how to resolve problems by hand. For this purpose, take a look at a couple of examples to understand it better.            

Example # 1:

To find the distance between 2 points (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2), let’s suppose the values (2, 7) and (5, -4), respectively.


X1 = 2
X2 = 5
Y1 = 7
Y2 = -4

We know the formula to find the distance between 2 points:

D = √(x₂ - x₁)^2 + (y₂ - y₁)^2

Plug the values in the formula. 

D = √(5 - (2))^2 + (-4 - (7))^2

D =√(3)^2 + (-11)^2 

D = √(9) + (121)

D = √(9) + (121)

D =√130

D = 11.4018 

Example # 2:

Let’s have three terms in the following to find the distance:

(X1, Y1) = (4, 1)

(X2, Y2) = (-2, 10)

(X3, Y3) = (7, 2)


Now we find D1:


D1= √(10 – -2)^2 + (1 – 4)^2

D1= √(12)^2 + (-3)^2

D1= √153

D1= 12.369

Now we find D2:







Now we find  D3:






Now we have 





Working of Distance Formula Calculator:

Our distance coordinate calculator will help you carry out calculations easily! To use the geometry distance calculator, follow the instructions below.


The Euclidean distance calculator demands from you the followings:

  • Choose the type of point from the field 
  • Select the type of the Dimension
  • Enter the values of coordinates according to the dimension
  • Press the “Calculate” button


The distance of points calculator will give you the output as follows:

  • Total distance with step-by-step calculation
  • Graphical interpretation of calculations 


Why Is The Distance Not Negative?

It's quite a simple phenomenon that the distance can never be gone negative. We can guess to keep in mind that no one travels less distance than they already have. Conversely, it can be negative if we talk about displacement.

When The Distance Is Zero?

The distance is always zero when the object is at rest. It means there is no motion in it.

What Is The Distance In Navigation?

In the case of navigation, the distance will be calculated in the latitude scale.

  • One minute of latitude = One nautical mile 
  • One nautical mile equals the 1852 meter

What Are The Uses of Distance Formula Calculators In Daily Life?

Distance formula calculator helps to find the locations, route new ways in emergency cases, and help to construct new buildings and also used in navigation. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to find the distance between two points in both three and two dimensions.


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