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Distance Formula Calculator

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What is Distance?

It is a length of a straight line which links the distance between 2 points. It is also described as the shortest line segment from a point of line.

Distance between two points

In a Cartesian grid, a line segment that is either vertical or horizontal. You can count the distance either up and down the y-axis or across the x-axis. You can use the distance formula calculator to calculate any line segment.

If you know the coordinates of the two endpoints, you will be mentally constructing a right triangle, using the diagonal as it were a hypotenuse. You can also learn what is permutation? and what is arithmetic sequence? on our website. Our distance between points calculator will help you regarding your calculations.

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What is the Distance Formula?

Formula for distance is used to measure how far the objects are on a given line. The distance formula is derived from Pythagorean theorem.

If you want to determine the distance between two points on a coordinate plane, you use the distance formula

$$D\;=\;?(x_2 – x_1)^2 + (y2 – y1)^2$$ $$D\;=\;\sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2}$$

How to calculate coordinates of the two points?

When you know the coordinates of the two points that you are trying to find the distance between, just substitute into the distance equation.

Distance Formula

We need to keep (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) together. We'll be using 1 set for x1 and y1, and another set x2 and y2 from that set.

Step 1: The coordinates of the two points in the graph is

$$ \bbox[#F6F6F6,10px]{(x_1 , y_1) = (2, 5)}$$ $$ \bbox[#F6F6F6,10px]{(x_2, y_2 ) = (9, 8)}$$

Step 2: To solve this distance equation you just need to substitute the numbers into the distance formula.

$$d\;=\;\sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt{(9-2)^2+(8-5)^2}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt{(7)^2+(3)^2}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt(58)$$ $$d\;=\;7.6$$

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How to find the distance from one point to another?

Distance Formula Calculator

To find the distance from one point to another the points are (-1,2) and (2,1).

$$ \bbox[#F6F6F6,10px]{(x_1 , y_1) = (-1, 2)}$$ $$ \bbox[#F6F6F6,10px]{(x_2 , y_2) = (2 , 1)}$$

By using the formula for distance


Let’s plugin values to the formula and then simplify it just like example 1.

$$d\;=\;\sqrt{(2-(-1))^2+(1-2)^2}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt{(2+1)^2+(-1)_2}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt{(3)^2+(1)}$$ $$d\;=\;\sqrt{9+1}$$ $$d\;= \sqrt{10}$$ $$d\;=\;3.1$$

When using the distance formula for negative numbers, its important to work carefully so you don't lose the negative along the way.

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What is Distance Formula Calculator?

The 1 D space between two points is called distance. Distance formula calculator calculates the distance between two given points. Distance finder provides a best alternative for manual calculations.

Distance Formula Calculator

Its concept make it easy to learn midpoint of a line segment & how to round off numbers?. The calculator helps in learning while doing calculations on runtime.

How to use Distance Formula Calculator?

Distance formula calculator automatically calculates the distance between those two coordinates and show results stepwise. So it is a distance between two points calculator.

Enter your values in the 4 fields of distance calculator and click on "CALCULATE" button. Our distance formula calculator will solve the equation for distance & provide accurate result.

You can also use our limit calculator & expected value calculator free online. We hope you liked our work, please give us your valuable feedback.

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