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Electric Potential Calculator

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Our electric potential calculator computes the electric potential due to a single charge or a system of charges. This also helps you to find the electric potential energy of a charged particle in an electric field by inputting the relevant values.

What Is Electric Potential?

“The amount of energy that is required to move a charge opposite to the direction of an electric field” 

It has magnitude and no specific direction therefore, it is a scaler quantity. The type of charge determines the electrical potential. Therefore, the energy needed to move a charge is influenced by both the distance covered and the intensity of the electric field it crosses.

SI Units:


1Volt = JC^-1 

  • When two same charges are close together, they have positive electric potential energy because the electric force pushes them apart.
  • When two unlike charges are far apart, they have negative charges because electric force pulls them together.

How To Use Electric Potential Calculator?

Our electrostatic potential energy calculator determines the electric potential energy of a charged particle of the entire system with a few simple clicks by inputting the relevant values. Look at these values to enhance your understanding. 

What To Do?

  • Pick the option that wish to calculate
  • Enter the values of charge, distance, and relative permittivity 
  • Enter the value of energy production in the designated field 

What You Get?

  • Electric potential due to point charge 
  • Electric potential due to a system of point charges
  • The electric potential difference among two-point charges 

How To Calculate Electric Potential?

Calculating electric potential between two charges involves determining the work done in moving a positive test charge from a reference point to a specific location in an electric field. 

To simplify this calculation, the electric potential energy calculator comes into play. Simply input the relevant values, and the calculator will efficiently compute the electric potential. To make the process quick and error-free look at the electric potential energy formula below:

Electric Potential Formula:

To solve electrostatics problems use our electric potential calculator. It is an easy-to-use tool that uses a simple formula to figure out the amount of energy that a charge needs to move toward the opposite of the electric field. This also helps you to understand how the electric field works.          


electric potential calculator  

Formula Due To Single Charge:

$$ V = k \dfrac{q}{r} $$


k _ Coulomb's constant
q _ Charge of source particles 
r _ Distance between source particle and point 

$$ k = \dfrac{1}{4πε_{o}} $$

Electric Potential Due To System of Charges:

$$ V_1 = k \dfrac{q_1}{r_1} $$

$$ V_2 = k \dfrac{q_2}{r_2} $$

$$ V_3 = k \dfrac{q_3}{r_3} $$

$$ V_4 = k \dfrac{q_4}{r_4} $$

By using the superposition principle, this electric potential calculator calculates the average electric potential difference.

$$ V = V_1+V_2+V_3+V_4 $$

$$ V = k \left(\dfrac{q_1}{r_1}+\dfrac{q_2}{r_2}+\dfrac{q_3}{r_3}+\dfrac{q_4}{r_4}\right) $$

The total electric potential due to the system of n charges equals the sum of electric potentials due to each charge at that point. Our online electric potential energy calculator utilizes the following electric potential equation to determine the electric potential that is due to a system of point charges. 

$$ V = V_1+V_2+V_3+V_4+…+V_n $$

$$ V = k \left(\dfrac{q_1}{r_1}+\dfrac{q_2}{r_2}+\dfrac{q_3}{r_3}+\dfrac{q_4}{r_4}+…+\dfrac{q_n}{r_n}\right) $$

$$ V = k\sum_{i=1}^{n}\frac{q_i}{r_i} $$


What Is The Electric Potential Difference?

The energy that is required to move a charge from one place to another in an electric field is known as the electric potential difference. This location-dependent quantity is also known as voltage. 

What Is Electric Potential Energy?

The energy that a charged particle possesses due to its position in an electric field is known as electric potential energy.

How Electric Field Is Generated?

An electric field is caused due to charged particles like electrons or a proton. When these particles are present in a space it causes to generate a field. This field exerts a force on other charges and creates their signs. 


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