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Volts To Joules Calculator


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Volts to joules calculator helps you swiftly convert the electric potential (volts) into energy (in joules) or vice versa. It provides an accurate way to determine the amount of energy present in an electrical system based on voltage and charge (in coulombs).

Volts to Joules Calculation Formula:

Converting one volt to joules involves a simple formula that shows the energy quantity from the electrical potential:

\( J = V \times C\)


  • J is the energy in joules
  • V is the voltage in volts
  • C is the electric charge in coulombs

How to Convert Volts to Joules?

Let's say you have a battery with a voltage of 9 volts and a charge of 5 coulombs. If you want to calculate the energy stored in the battery, use the following formula:

J = V × C

Now, put the values to the equation:

J = 9 volts × 5 coulombs

J = 45 joules

Volts to Joules Conversion Chart:

Volts to Joules Conversion Chart demonstrates the direct connection between voltage and energy in electrical systems, such as:

Scenario Voltage (V) Charge (C) Joules (J) What it powers
AA battery 1.5 2 3 Small LED light
Car battery (starting) 12 100 1200 Engine starter motor
Phone charger 5 1 5 Phone battery
Lightning bolt Millions Billions Trillions Intense heat and light
Toaster oven 110 5 550 Heating element
Laptop battery 7.4 3000 22200 Laptop operation


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