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dBm to Watts Calculator


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Our dBm to Watts calculator helps you easily convert power levels between units of decibel milliwatts (dBm), watts (W), and milliwatts (mW), So you can understand and work with power measurements in a more practical way.

Steps to Use dBm to Watts Calculator:

If you're thinking about how to use a db to Watts Calculator, don't worry, it's easier than you might think. Follow these simple steps, and you'll be able to use it like a pro in no time.

What to Enter?

  • Step 1: First, Choose the conversion type
  • Step 2: Then, Enter the units you want to convert
  • Step 3: Hit the Calculate button

What will you get?

  • dBm to watts conversion
  • Watts to dBm conversion
  • dBm to milliwatts conversion
  • milliwatts to dBm conversion

dBm to Watts Formula:

If you want to convert the power units from dBm into Watts then here’s the formula to convert dBm to Watts manually,

$$ P(W)=1W \times \frac{10^{\frac{P(dBm)}{10}}{}}{1000} $$


  • P(W) – Power in watts (W)
  • P(dBm) – Power in decibel-milliwatts (dBm)

How to Convert dBm to Watts?

Converting dBm to Watts might sound technical, but it's a straightforward process, using its formula you can easily convert dBm to Watts.

Now we will show you an example that helps you calculate dBm to Watts conversion. You can also try our dBm to Watts calculator for this purpose.


Suppose you have a signal with a power level of 20 dBm, and you want to find out how many Watts that is equivalent to.


let's convert dBm to Watts using its formula:

$$ P(W)=1W \times \frac{10^{\frac{P(dBm)}{10}}{}}{1000} $$

Now put all the values into the dBm formula:

$$ P(W) = 1 \times \frac{10^{\frac{20}{10}}}{1000} $$

Calculate the exponent:

$$ P(W) = 1 \times \frac{10^{2}}{1000} $$

Calculate 10 to the power of 2:

$$ P(W) = 1 \times \frac{100}{1000} $$

Finally, divide by 1000 to get the power in Watts:

$$ P(W) = 0.1 \text{ Watts} $$

So, a signal with a power level of 20 dBm is equivalent to 0.1 Watts.

The dBm to Watt Conversion Table:

Here’s a dBm to Watt conversion table that helps in understanding the concepts more clearly.

Power (dBm) Power (dBW) Power (watt) Power (mW)
-100 dBm -130 dBW 0.1 pW 0.0000000001 mW
-90 dBm -120 dBW 1 pW 0.000000001 mW
-80 dBm -110 dBW 10 pW 0.00000001 mW
-70 dBm -100 dBW 100 pW 0.0000001 mW
-60 dBm -90 dBW 1 nW 0.000001 mW
-50 dBm -80 dBW 10 nW 0.00001 mW
-40 dBm -70 dBW 100 nW 0.0001 mW
-30 dBm -60 dBW 1 μW 0.001 mW
-20 dBm -50 dBW 10 μW 0.01 mW
-10 dBm -40 dBW 100 μW 0.1 mW
-1 dBm -31 dBW 794 μW 0.794 mW
0 dBm -30 dBW 1.000 mW 1.000 mW
1 dBm -29 dBW 1.259 mW 1.259 mW
10 dBm -20 dBW 10 mW 10 mW
20 dBm -10 dBW 100 mW 100 mW
30 dBm 0 dBW 1 W 1000 mW
40 dBm 10 dBW 10 W 10000 mW
50 dBm 20 dBW 100 W 100000 mW
60 dBm 30 dBW 1 kW 1000000 mW
70 dBm 40 dBW 10 kW 10000000 mW
80 dBm 50 dBW 100 kW 100000000 mW
90 dBm 60 dBW 1 MW 1000000000 mW
100 dBm 70 dBW 10 MW 10000000000 mW


What is dBm?

dBm is the abbreviation of decibel milliwatts. It’s a unit used to measure the strength or power of signals, like Wi-Fi or cell phone signals. It helps us know how strong or weak a signal is, with higher numbers indicating stronger signals and lower numbers indicating weaker signals.

It's a way to measure signal strength and efficiency in a more precise and standardized manner without getting into technical details.

What is the dBm equivalent for 1 watt?

The dBm equivalent for 1 watt is 30 dBm.

dBm is a unit of power measurement that is used in radio frequency, microwave, and fiber optic communications. It is a logarithmic scale, which means that each increase of 10 dBm represents a tenfold increase in power.

A power level of 0 dBm is equal to 1 milliwatt (mW). So, a power level of 30 dBm is equal to 1 watt.

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