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X and Y Intercepts Calculator


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Get the coordinates of the point where two lines intersect each other on a graph with this x and y intercept calculator. This helps us to understand graphs better and is used in things like maps, science, and solving problems.

What are Intercepts?

“Intercepts are those particular points in a graph where the line or curve crosses the two axes (x-axis and y-axis).”

Types of Intercepts:

There are two types of intercepts:

  • X-Intercept
  • Y-Intercept

When a point intersects the x-axis on a graph, it is called the x-intercept, and when a point crosses the y-axis on a graph, it is known as a y-intercept.

Coefficients of X and Y Intercepts:

Let’s say you have a linear equation like this:

2x  +  3y  =  12

In this equation,

  • 2 is a coefficient of x
  • 3 is a coefficient of y
  • As far as 12 is concerned, it's a constant term

How to Find X and Y Intercepts?

To find the value of the x-intercept, you can use the x intercept calculator we have to put y = 0 in the following equation, and then solve for x. After solving the equation the resultant value of x is called the x-intercept of the given function.

Example 1: X-Intercept

Find the value of the x-intercept for the linear equation:

2x + 3y = 12.


Finding the value x-intercept for the linear equation 2x + 3y = 12: 

We have to put y = 0,

2x + 3 × 0 = 12

2x + 0 = 12

2x = 12

x = 12 ∕ 2

⇒ x = 6

As a result the value of x-intercept = 6.

Example 2: Y-Intercept

To find the value of y-intercept we have to put x = 0 in the following equation, and then solve for y. After solving the equation the resultant value of y is called the y-intercept of the given function.


Finding the value of the y-intercept for the linear equation  2x + 3y = 12:

Put x = 0,

2 × 0 + 3y = 12

0 + 3y = 12

3y = 12

y = 12 ∕ 3

⇒ y = 4

Thus, the value of the y-intercept = 4. You can also check this equation from our x and y intercept calculator.

Working of X and Y Intercepts Calculators:

Our x intercept and y intercept calculator is specially designed to resolve for the coordinates that identify the linear line on a graph and slope.

You have to follow some instructions to use it which include:


  • Enter your function, equation, or expression in the field
  • Press the Calculate button


  • X and y intercepts


What are the applications of x and y intercept calculator in real life?

Let's say, if you are thinking about how much it costs to rent a car for a few days, you can use a linear equation with intercept and slope that helps you to figure it out. The intercept represents the deposit or fixed fee, and the rate of change in cost per day is represented by the slope.


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