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Venn Diagram Calculator


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The Venn diagram calculator generates the graphic sketch of a set of data and computes the intersection of a list of elements. Our online Venn diagram probability calculator lets you figure out all the relevant quantities of two or three sets of data.

What Is Venn Diagram?

A Venn diagram is the way of visual representation that displays similarities and dissimilarities between items or groups of items. 

Another name for the Venn diagram is a logic diagram. 

Venn Diagram Formula:

Venn diagram is used to solve the logical operations to acquire similarities and dissimilarities for a given set of data. Our probability Venn diagram calculator uses the following formula to generate the answer within seconds. 

n (A ∪ B) = n (A) + n(B) – n (A ∩ B)

n ( A∪ B ∪ C) = n(A) + n(B) + n(C) – n( B∩ Y) – n( B ∩ C) – n ( C ∩ XA) + n( A  ∩ B ∩ C) 

        venn diagram

The overlapping areas of the circle have the same traits while circles that do not overlap do not share these traits. 

  • Intersect area shows the similarities 
  • Differences are the union of the dataset values 

How To Calculate The Venn Diagram?

The Venn diagram shows all the logical possibilities and probabilities. Our free and efficient Venn diagram shading calculator is a way to show the relationships between the set of items by their graphic representation. 

Venn Diagram Example:

In the cattle field, there are 100 buffaloes. Now, 70 are in good health, 20 are weak in health, and 40 are in average health. Here we need to categorize the buffaloes. 


venn diagram

  • How many buffaloes are in good health?
  • How many are in weak health?
  • How many are on average in health (not good, not weak)?

A only:

A only = A - A∩B

A only = 70 - 40

A only = 30

B only:

B only = B - A∩B

B only = 20 - 40

B only = -20

D (Region to be Shaded):

D = U - A only + B only + (A∩B)

D = 100 - {(30) + (-20) + 40 }

D = 100 - (50 )

D = 50

Working Of Venn Diagram Calculator:

Use our 3 circle Venn diagram maker to generate a Venn diagram based on values. It requires a few values to calculate the solution.


  • Chose the option of a Venn diagram of two or three sets
  • Put the values of the given sets A and B 
  • Enter the values A∩B and the universal set ∪
  • Tap “calculate”


Our triple Venn diagram maker will give you the following:

  • Venn diagram for a given set of data 
  • Complete steps involved


What Is 3 Circle Venn Diagram?

The three circles that are overlapped to make a diagram are called the 3 circle Venn diagram. You can easily create a sketch of a triple Venn diagram with the help of our three way Venn diagram maker. 

What Is The Union And the Intersection?

Suppose that there is a set of A and B. The union of these sets is denoted as A ∪ B and the intersection of a set is denoted as A ∩ B. These indicate the set of all objects are the members of both A and B. 

Can a Venn Diagram Be Of Any Shape?

Circles usually represent a Venn diagram to show the similarities and dissimilarities but ellipses, spheres, and triangles are also used for this process. With the sets Venn diagram generator, you can compute the intersection of list elements.  

Do Venn Diagrams Always Overlap?

Venn diagram uses overlapping circles to display the logical relation between two or more sets of items. The items that are alike are shown in overlapping and the area without overlapping shows that distinction between items or groups of items. 

What Are The LCM And HCF of The Venn Diagram?

LCM means the least common factor. The union of the diagram is their LCM and the HCF stands for the highest common factor and the intersection of the diagram is their HCF. With the help of our probability Venn diagram calculator, you can find the LCM and HCF for a given data set. 


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