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Cross Product Calculator

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What is Cross Product?

Cross product is a binary operation of two vectors in a three-dimensional space, It is represented by the sign x.

Two linearly independent vectors a and b, the cross product vector is at right angles (perpendicular) to both to the plane enclosing them.

Cross Product Calculator

Cross Product Formula

The cross product formula is

$$c=a*b=|a|\;*\;|b|\;*\;sinθ * n$$

Here, c represents the newly generated quantity and a & b are the initial vectors. While, Ɵ Signifies the angle and n denotes the unit vector perpendicular to a & b.

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What is Vector?

A vector is a quantity having both magnitude and direction and it always results in a scalar quantity. From mass to force & acceleration to energy all are associated with a vector.

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How to multiply Vectors?

Dot product & cross product are 2 ways by which we can multiply the vector. The difference in between cross product & dot product is that the cross product produces another vector while dot product produces a scalar value.

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How to get the cross product of two vectors?

As per the formula, each module designates a path in space and number has the length of the object in the specific trajectory. The three dimensions are denoted as x, y, z and in terms of unitary represented as i, j and k.

According to this nomenclature a vector u can be expressed as:

$$u=(4i + 5j + 2k)$$

$$u = (4, 5, 2)$$

Let's consider two vectors u and v having coordinates as follows:

u = (4, 5, 2) and v = (4, 6, 3)

$$\begin{matrix}i & j & k \\4 & 5 & 2 \\4 & 6 & 3 \\ \end{matrix}=u*v$$

Cross Product Calculator


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The Right Hand Rule

Right hand rule is used to understand how many possible orientation of axes we have in three dimensional space. Cross product rule also predict the direction of the resultant object.


Two fingers of the above image points at the path of two vectors and the thumb represents the direction of the resultant vector.

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What is Cross Product Calculator?

Cross product calculator is a best option if you are having problem in doing manual calculations. The vector calculator uses cross vector and the cross product rules to compute accurate results.

How to use Cross Product Calculator?

Vector cross product calculator is best option to solve cross product equation. All you need to do is to feed the values of x, y, z in vector A and the values of x, y, z in Vector B and click on "CALCULATE" button. Our vector calculator will instantly give you accurate results.

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