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Expected Value Calculator


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The Expected Value (EV) is the Predicted Value for using at any point in the future. This value is also known as expectation, the average, the mean or the first moment. Expected value calculator is an online tool you'll find easily. Expected value of random variable calculator will compute your values and show accurate results.

By calculating expected value, users can easily choose the scenarios to get their desired results.

Formula Expected Value Calculator uses

To calculate expected value, with expected value formula calculator, one must multiply the value of the variable by the probability of that value is occurring. For example, five players playing spin the bottle. Once you spin the bottle, it has an equal one-fifth chance to stop at first, Second, third, fourth or fifth player.

Expectation calculator uses this expected value formula

$$\text{EV}\;=\;\sum P(X_i)\;*\;X_i$$

Random Variable gives its weighted average. Provide this information, the expectation calculator is very simple.

expected value formula

If you turn the bottle an infinite number of times, you will see that the average value equals 3.0. It is easy to learn to find the expected value.


How to find the Expected Value?

The formula used to find the expected value for a number or set of numbers is defined as :

Expected value =
Sum of its associated probability * All possible outcomes

$$\text{EV}\;=\;\sum P(X_i)\;*\;X_i$$

EV = Expected Value of an Opportunity
P(Xi) = Probability
Xi = All Possible Outcomes

This formula shows that for every value of X in a group of numbers, we have to multiply every value of x by the probability of that number occurs, by doing this we can calculate expected value.

In case if you want to calculate probability and not the expected value, Use this Probability Calculator online for accurately finding the probability at run time.

Why to calculate Expected Value?

The Expected Value of a random variable always calculated as the center of distribution of the variable. Most importantly this value is the variables long-term average value.

Expected Value is calculated for single discrete variables, multiple discrete variables, single continuous variables, and multiple continuous variables. Expected value of x calculator is used to calculate expected value of all type of variables.

By calculating expected values, expected outcomes of probabilities are calculated by a set of numbers and the individual probabilities sum up to 1 or 100%. Also, remember that none of the probabilities for any set of numbers is greater than 1. Expected number calculator takes care of this calculation process.

This is because any events happenings probabilities can’t be greater than 100%. So that’s why if any of the event probability is greater than 1, calculator shows an error message. Every time the total possible result is 100%. Therefore, there is not a single possibility of having a probability greater than 1 in any event or total of all events.

Advantages of Expected Value Calculator

Using expected value calculator probability distribution has many advantages. Expected value probability calculator

  1. Measures center of the Probability distribution
  2. Measures long term investment of variable
  3. Reduces information to one possibility /answer
  4. Allows us to anticipate future outcomes

How to find Expected Value Calculator?

You can find expectation calculator easily online for free. You can find the expected value for the random variable calculator useful for calculating expected value and providing accurate results. Expected value probability calculator deals with calculating probability and expected value calculation. You can also find this expected number calculator on our web portal without any fee or subscription.

What is Expected Value Calculator?

There are many expected value calculation tools available online for calculating expected value. Calculatored offers a ton of online tools and converters to make calculations easy. Our expectation calculator is one of those tools to calculate expected value online for free.

This online expected value of discrete random variable calculator will help you to find the expected value swiftly and easily of a discrete random variable X. By using this expectation calculator, you will get detailed solutions to your problems.

Also, you can understand how the algorithm is used by expected number calculator to find the discrete random variable’s expected value. Give the number of the probability of success and values of x, expected value calculator will notify you about the expected value for a discrete random variable.

How to Calculate Expected Value?

This expected value formula calculator finds the expected value of a set of numbers or a number that is based on the probability of that number or numbers occurring.

Step 1: Enter all known values of Probability of x P(x) and Value of x in blank shaded boxes.

Step 2: Enter all values numerically and separate them by commas.

Step 3: Click the "Calculate" button and the results will represent the expected value.

You can also use our other calculators. To find the absolute value of number or equation you may try our absolute value calculator.


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