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Area of Shaded Region Calculator


Our area of shaded region calculator helps you to determine the area of a shaded region of a square. It quickly determines the shaded area regardless of its shape and complexity on a coordinate plane. 

Area Of Shaded Region Formula:

To find the area of the shaded region, square the diameter or side length and subtract the product of pi and half the side length squared. The following formula helps you to understand how to find the area of a shaded region. 

$$ SA = L^{2} – \pi * \left(\dfrac{L}{2}\right)^{2} $$


  • SA = Shaded area having square and circle 
  • L = Diameter or Length of a square or circle  

How Area Of Shaded Region Calculator Operates?

Our calculator functions by taking some values as inputs depending on the shape of the shaded region. Look at these!


  • Input the diameter or length of a square or circle by setting their unit
  • Select the unit for the final result from the designated fields


  • The shaded area according to your unit selection

How To Calculate Area of The Shaded Region?

With the area of shaded region calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the area of any shaded region. Examine an example to illustrate the method for determining the area of the shaded region within a circle.

Practical Example:

Suppose, that the length of the square is about 45cm, so find the area of the shaded region.


As we know the area of shaded region formula. 

$$ SA = L^{2} – \pi * \left(\dfrac{L}{2}\right)^{2} $$

$$ Shaded Area = 2025 – 3.14 * 506.25 $$

$$ Shaded Area = 2025 – 1,589.625 $$

$$ Shaded Area = 435.375 $$


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