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Rectangle Area Calculator


Area is a geometrical term defined as the space occupied by an object in a two dimensional surface. This term has many practical implications in the fields of science, architecture, designing and farming etc

Most commonly used area is that of a rectangle, For instance, if you want to buy a carpet for your room, you will have to estimate the area covered by the rectangular floor. Our online Rectangle area calculator will help you to compute the above said value. In this article we will emphasize on the area of a rectangle, its formula and calculation.

What is a rectangle?

It is a quadrilateral, having four sides, whose corners are at 90◦ angle or right angles. In addition, each side is of the same length as the opposite side. It also comprise of adjacent unequal margins. The two sides indicating length are the same, likewise, the two sides representing width are the same. A square is an exceptional case, as its all 4 sides are equal.

The term rectangle is derived from Latin word rectangulus. The name describes a lot, because it is a combination of two words; rectus meaning right, straight and angulus which means an angle this pretty much clarifies its definition.

How to find the area of a rectangle?

To find the surface area of a rectangle, we just need two things the length and width of the two-dimensional shape. In a quadrilateral, the length usually refers to the extensive or longer of the two boundaries, while the width is represented by the shorter of the two sides.

How to find the area of a rectangle?

The image above illustrates a classic rectangle, having four sides and four 90◦ angles. As you can see, not all the sides are equal, only the opposing sides are equal. The lengthier sides AB and CD represents the length, where AB is denoted by letter a. The shorter edges are AC and BD indicating the width, where AC is denoted by letter b.

As described earlier, the area is a space enclosed by its verges, or, in other words, contained by the perimeter of a rectangular surface. To get this space, we multiply the sides a × b.

The area of a rectangle formula

The formula for its calculation is expressed as:

$$A= l × w$$

Length= l
and Width= w

It is measured in square units, such as square cm, square inch, square feet and square meter.

Example# 1

Consider another example, assume a lawn to be demarcated by a boundary line of having a length of 40 meters and a width of 25 meters. How much space would be enclosed within the borderline?

Length = 40m
Width = 25m
Area = A = ?

$$A = 40m × 25m$$

$$A = 1,000 m^2$$

We can also find the length or width by adjusting the formula as follows:

$$L = A/W$$

$$L= 1000/25$$

$$L = 40m$$

Circumference of a Rectangle:

The circumference refers to the sum of all sides of a shape. Circumference is also known as perimeter.

Circumference formula:

$$Perimeter = P = 2(a+b) = 2a+2b $$


Let the length of a rectangular object= 4 feet,Width = 2 feet & Perimeter= 2 (4+2) = 10 feet

You can remember these formulas and can calculate the area of the rectangle, or, you can benefit from our online Rectangle area calculator, all you need to do is select the unit from the dialog box, for instance, meter or feet etc. After selecting the desired unit, the next step is to enter the length and width.

That’s it, now you are set to calculate the desired value within seconds. We hope this article and our smart tool will support you in solving routine geometrical problems. Good luck!

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