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Trapezoid Area Calculator


What is a Trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a 4 sided figure with one pair of parallel sides. Trapezoid has 4 number of vertices & 4 number of edges. Click on to find trapezoid area tutorial.

Trapezoid Area formula

The trapezoid area formula is

Trapezoid Formula

In the trapezoid area formula the "h" represent height, "a" represent short base and "b" represent long base.


Remember that “b1 and b2” shown in figure above are the bases parallel to each other and the “h” is the altitude (height) of the trapezoid which is perpendicular distance between these two bases.

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Trapezoid Rules

A trapezoid is quadrilateral in shape and have two parallel sides and these parallel sides are called bases. The figure below to the left shows a trapezoid, and an isosceles trapezoid on the right.


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Properties of the Trapezoid

The properties of the trapezoid are:

  • The bases are parallel.
  • Each lower base angle and the upper base angle are supplementary to each other on the same side of trapezoid.

Properties of the Isosceles Trapezoid

The properties of the isosceles trapezoid are:

  • The properties of trapezoid are parallel bases.
  • The legs are congruent
  • Angles of lower base are congruent.
  • Angles of upper base are congruent.
  • to any upper base angle is supplementary any lower base angle.
  • The diagonals are congruent.

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How to find Trapezoid?

To find the area of a trapezoid, add the bases of trapezoid and then multiply the sum by the height of the trapezoid, and then divide the result by 2.

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Perimeter of the trapezoid

Perimeter is the measure of the outer edge of a shape. We get trapezoid perimeter by taking the sum of the sides of trapezoid.

Trapezoid perimeter is represented by P, the sides are represented as a, b, c and d. The perimeter formula is:

P = a + b + c + d

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What is Trapezoid Area Calculator?

Calculatored introduce trapezoid area calculator to use for calculation of area of trapezoid. The trapesium calculator makes it easy to find trapezoid online without doing manual calculations.

Trapezoid Area Calculator

How to use Trapezoid Area Calculator?

Trapezoid area calculator is simple and easy to use. It has 3 fields in which you need to feed value. Follow below steps to get trapezoid online using our online trapezoid area calculator.

Step #1: Enter the value of short base "a".

Step #2: Enter the value of long base "b".

Step #3: Enter the value of height "h".

Step #4: Click on the "CALCULATE" button.

Once you click "CALCULATE" button, the area of the trapezoid will be calculated instantly.

We hope we provide you best help regarding the learning and practice of the trapezoid.

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