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Area of a Sector Calculator


Introduction to Area of a Sector Calculator

Area of a sector Calculator finds the number of square in sector of a circle. The calculated area of sector is proportional to the central angle.

Area of a sector calculator

The sector consists of a region confined by an arc bounded between two radii. If its central angle is bigger, the area of the sector will also be larger accordingly. The area of shaded sector calculator works smoothly to show accurate results.

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Formula of Area of sector Calculator

Area of sector is used to measure the central angle (θ) in degrees. As, the area of a circle=r2 and the angle of a full circle = 360°

Thus, the formula of the area of a sector of a circle is:

$$\frac{\text{Area of Sector}}{\text{Area of Circle}}\;=\;\frac{Central\;Angle}{360°}$$


$$\text{Area of Sector}\;=\;\frac{0}{360°} * πr^2 $$

Area of sector calculator uses the same formula to get results. By using shaded sector calculator we can find third value if the other two values are given.

If you are not aware of area of a sector or finds difficult to use area of sector calculator, find area of a sector tutorial to learn quickly.

Area of Sector formula calculator in Radian

To measure the angle of a circle in radians, the area of a sector of a circle is



$$\text{Area of Sector}\;=\;\frac{θ}{2π} * πr^2 $$

$$\text{Area of Sector}\;=\;\frac{1}{2} * θr^2 $$

The area of a sector formula calculator work on the same principle to get accurate results quickly.

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Semicircle Area formula

To know the area of the half of a circle, this formula will be applicable.

$$\text{Semicircle area}\;=\;\frac{πr^2}{2} $$

Divide the area of the circle by 2. You can find area of shaded region circle calculator useful becacuse it uses all the above formulas to calculate sector area.

Quadrant Area formula

To know the area of a quarter of a circle, this formula will be applied.

$$\text{Quadrant area}\;=\;\frac{πr^2}{4} $$

With this formula you can calculate sector area manually so in order to get quick results, find the area of the shaded sector calculator free online.

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How to find the area of the shaded region-online?

In the first figure, shaded area covers half the circle. So the area will be ½ multiplied by πr2. In the 2nd figure, the area of the shaded part will be ¼ πr2.

Introduction to area of sector

In the last figure the angle is 30 degrees so area of the sector will be 30/360. In this equation, πr2 is the area of the circle whereas 30/360 tells us how much of the circle is covered.

The area of sector will be θ/360° * πr2. This is the illustration of manual calculations and its steps. You can find the area of the shaded region calculator to get results without doing manual calculations and learn quickly while practicing. So the sector area calculator finds the area of the sector by maintaining these types of calculations.

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What is Area of Sector Calculator?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get sector area manually on paper. Thus, area sector calculator is created to make this process quick & easy.

Our area of a sector calculator can be used to find sector area of a pizza, dress, land or whatever you want. Apart from that it is helpful in mathematical geometry problems etc.

How to use Area of a Sector Calculator?

Our area of a sector calculator is flexible and reliable. You can get your required area of the section by just putting radius value and angle. Click on "Calculate" button to get results instantly.

How to use area of a sector calculator

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Hopefully you've liked our sector area calculator. Please provide your valuable feedback so that we could improve further.

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