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Wavelength Calculator


Wavelength calculator has been designed to assist you in calculating the wavelength of light in different mediums. Using this wavelength calculator, you can calculate the wavelength of light in vacuum, air, or water.

But before knowing about how to calculate the wavelength of light in different mediums, we have to figure out what is wavelength and why do we need to calculate a wavelength?

What is Wavelength?

A wavelength can be defined as the horizontal distance between two crests or troughs of a wave. Whereas a wave can be marked as a mode of transmission that carries energy without the uptake of the matter.

In other words, a wave is something that travels through a medium to carry energy from one place to another. Such as light travels in the air. Or sound travels in the air.

Have you ever thought how do we listen to the voice of the person from the other side of the phone? The answer is the "Waves". The voice is carried in the form of the waves of the sound to the respective sides of the phone enabling the respective persons to communicate with each other.

The most important thing to be known about a wave is its wavelength.

But why is it important to calculate a wavelength? How can we calculate a wavelength?

Let's move ahead to know all about the wavelength.

How the Wavelength is Represented?

The wavelength of any wave can be represented using the Greek letter called lambda (λ).

What is the Unit of Wavelength?

The wavelength can be measured in meters. The SI unit of wavelength is the meter (m) as it is a measuring unit of length. The wavelength can also be measured in nanometers or angstrom.

Why Calculate Wavelength?

Having the value of the wavelength of a traveling object, we can describe a wave in a better wave. This is so because the wavelength is referred to as a property of a wave that can be used to describe a wave. Simply, a wavelength determines the complete cycle of a wave.

What are the Basic Properties of a Wave?

There are five basic properties of a wave. These are:

  • Amplitude
  • Wavelength
  • Frequency
  • Period
  • Velocity

All of these properties of a wave can be used to describe it properly.

What is the Relation Between Frequency and the Wavelength?

The relation between the frequency and the wavelength of a wave can be marked by the inverse proportion. In simple words, the length of a wave is inversely proportional to its frequency.

It means that the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength.

What is the Wavelength of Visible Light?

The wavelength of visible light ranges from 400 to 700 nanometres (nm).

Does the Wavelength of Light Varies with the Medium in Which it Travels?

The wavelength of every traveling object varies with respect to the medium it travels in. Likewise, the wavelength of the light varies with respect to the medium in which it travels.

How to Calculate the Wavelength of a Wave?

The wavelength of a wave can be calculated by using the wavelength formula.

Wavelength formula is λ = v / f.

Whereas λ is the wavelength, v is the velocity (speed of the wave) and f is the frequency of the wave.

So, all you are required to calculate the wavelength of a wave is to determine the values of velocity and frequency of the wave. Another aspect that you are required to keep in mind is the medium in which the wave travels.


For example, suppose that the light is traveling through the vacuum and you have to measure its wavelength.

You are required to determine the value of v and f of light to calculate λ of the light traveling through the vacuum.

v= 299,792,458 m/s

f= 439 hertz

By putting the values of f and v in the wavelength formula, we will get:

λ= 299,792,458/439 = 682899 m

Precisely, you just have to divide the velocity of the energy by the frequency of the energy to determine the value of its wavelength.

How to Use Wavelength Calculator to Calculate Wavelength?

Although the above-mentioned method of wavelength calculation isn't that difficult to use, still using this wavelength calculator can assist you a lot in doing so.

This wavelength calculator is easiest to use to calculate the wavelength of light in different vacuums.

If you want to determine the wavelength of light either in a vacuum, air or water, then you can use this wavelength calculator that only requires you to input the value of the frequency of the light after selecting the medium of light.

To use this calculator follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Select the medium in which the light is traveling

STEP 2: Enter the value of the Frequency (select its respective unit as well)

STEP 3: Press Calculate

As per the given input, the wavelength will calculate the wavelength of the waves of light while assuming the average value of the velocity by itself.

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